Remembering Kevin…

Everyone will at some point in their life lose someone they love. Four years ago today we lost my father in law Kevin (my husbands dad) to cancer and what makes it harder to think about is the fact that the NHS failed to see it over five years, even though he had all the symptoms of someone who was suffering from cancer. Time and time again he was told it was IBS and now a professor has told us that a diagnosis of IBS should not have been given to a man of his age especially as he hadn’t suffered from it before in his life. What I guess I’m trying to say is that if you are suffering and in pain and are not happy with the diagnosis the doctors have given you go for a second opinion or even a third if you have to. It’s horrible losing someone when they could have had many more years to live. I don’t want to spoil your Easter celebrations but his anniversary just happend to fall on easter Sunday this year. Make sure every day you hold your family and loved ones tightly and cherish them forever as you never know if that day will be the last you share with them.

I wish you all a happy Easter but share a thought for those no longer with us.

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