Cover Reveal and Review for ‘The Chosen Path’ By Jason Hershey!!!!!!

Roll up, Roll up… Read all about it… Cover reveal and book review for the brilliant author that is Jason Hershey. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason through Facebook author groups and last year I actually done an author spotlight for him on my blog but here at ‘The Walking Mum’ aka Mercedes Prunty Author I just couldn’t get enough and have got him back to show us his new book which is due to be release on May 3rd 2017. I’m also extremely lucky in the fact that I get to help with the Cover Reveal. So please give a warm welcome to Jason and his brilliant new book and cover ‘The chosen path’…

Here it is people, the great reveal…


So I had the greatest honour of being given a copy before release and here is my verdict on the book, ‘The Chosen path’…

“The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey to me is a small story of brilliance, it captures the feeling we all had when we were teenagers, the need and want to be loved by a significant other, by a guy or gal who takes our fancy. Theo has grown up some what from the first book and tried to move on from the grief he knew before, college is taking over his life and he seems to be revelling in the lessons and friendships that surround him…But a little lady catches his eye…and we all know that feeling of our first love and those butterflies that swarm inside our bellies. The author of this book manages to reel you into Theo’s world and all that is going on around him, Theo as a character is voiced loudly and you definitely feel like you can connect with him and all the feelings and emotions he goes through. And I have to admit that sneaky cliff hanger at the end left me wanting more and to know what lays in store for Theo next!!!” I also gave the book a 4 star rating.

Here is my new author spotlight with Jason Hershey, please enjoy getting to know him 😉


Question one – Hi Jason hope all is well with yourself and the writing world? Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, currently living in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I live with my family and my wife and I currently am a teacher at Color Our Rainbow Academy.

Question two – You must be so happy to be releasing your next book? How long has it taken you to write it?

I began writing this book immediately after I had finished the first one, so a few months. I had to pick and choose when I could write around work and family.

Question three – Your new book titled ‘The Chosen Path’ is the next book in the Theo series, following the characters from the 1st book. What gave you the idea for the second instalment and how many do you plan for Theo?

This just seemed a natural progression from the first one. It takes place just a few months after the first one ended and it finds Theo still struggling with trust issues and what exactly is his purpose in life. He comes to a make or break point where he is no longer a child, so he has to make an adult decision. I think a lot of people will sympathize and relate to the dilemma that Theo finds himself in. As far as how many books I’m planning, I don’t know. I will continue with this as long as the story lines present themselves and they seem natural. I don’t want to force a story line for the sake of continuing the plot.

Here is a sneaky peak of ‘The Chosen Path’…

“The cool air felt good on my hot skin. I was covered in sweat and the stillness of the night had a calming effect on my mind. I needed to relax, but I kept replaying Sabrinna’s reaction in my head. That smirk. The way she grabbed his hand. The intentional look she gave me. She knew what she was doing. I let myself be a victim. I didn’t know why I let her have all of this power over me. But I knew the real reason. I loved her. She completed me. She was my spark.

The night was quiet. The only sounds were those of the tires on the cars that passed by me. I was in no hurry to get anywhere. I was not sure where I was or where I was going. I stopped and stared into the darkness. It felt good to let go of everything and admit that this was the end of whatever she and I had. I had tried to bottle up all the emotions, to keep them stuffed so far down inside that they would never see the light of day. All that did was to eat me up inside. I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to get in this situation. I had opened up my deepest secrets and fears to her and she had rewarded me by violating my trust.

When I went home, refusing to look at my phone or to talk to anyone, I crashed, fully clothed, onto my bed.  Whatever was going to happen would have to wait until the morning.” (C) All copyright belongs to Jason Hershey.

Question four – Your first book ‘To die to live’ received some great reviews on Amazon, did that spur you on to write more? And how does it feel to be a Published / Self-published author?

It is scary to put your writing out there for others to judge. These stories are very personal to me. I have had to reach deep and relive some moments, or to imagine myself in the shoes of others who have experienced them, in order to create some of the scenarios that Theo lives. I was so humbled and appreciative of the awesome reviews that To Die To Live received. I think I would of continued to write regardless, but I don’t think I would have been so quick and eager to put more of it out for the public to consume. I am excited to have people read this next one and take the journey with Theo. Hopefully The chosen Path will spur the same kind of emotions and reactions that people had with the first one.

Question five – So the release date for ‘The chosen path’ is May 3rd 2017, has it been hard getting everything ready for this date? Do you set yourself deadlines and does it help get things done on time?

It hasn’t been hard. When I combine my life, coaching soccer, my family and work, getting this all done by the deadline has been stressful, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My only deadline is the May 3rd one. Everything else always seems to have a way of working itself out.

Question six – How do you choose covers for your books? And why did you chose this one specifically?

I hired an awesome cover designer to create this one. I used input from my children to reaffirm which one I should do. This one spoke to me and I think really captured the essence of the road less travelled. Theo doesn’t know where he’s headed, he just knows he needs to get there. The cover really speaks to that and captures that hidden theme really well, I believe.

Question seven – If you could go back in time and tell your 16 year old self one thing what would it be? Anything writing related or maybe something else?

I would tell myself to lighten up and have more fun. I was always so focused on goals and accomplishments that I think I sacrificed a lot of the fun and chaos that a lot of teens experience. Goals are good, but I think you can forget to live in the moment and enjoy the life that you’re having if you are too focused and walk too straight of a line.

Question eight – How do you create the characters for your books? Do you just imagine them? Find people in magazines that you think would suit the role or have favourite celebrities that you would love to play the part if it became a film?

The characters are composites of me and friends growing up. The experiences and home life, thought not mine, were all too familiar to me growing up. I think they are based in reality and that adds a sense of realism that people can relate to and identify with.

Thank you Jason for your answers it has been great chatting to you again.

If you are as intrigued as I was to read Theo’s journey then why not download the books? Below are the links.


(Below is the .com link)

Also why not connect with him on Social Media.


Twitter: @therealjhershey

Instagram: @authorjasonhershey

Hope you all enjoyed the grand cover reveal and will read and review the new book ‘The chosen path’ when it’s released on May 3rd.xxxx







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