My 70 bucket list of books and comics to read…

  • I always hear of people now a days writing down a bucket list of things they want to do in life before they can no longer do it, here I have used the same concept but for 70 books and comics I would like to read and are on my book bucket list, some books I have already read and thought you might want to know about and others are books I’ve heard about but haven’t read yet. Why not have a look through and see if the books I would want to read would be on a list you would make???
  1. All The Walking Dead comics… Anyone who knows me will understand how much I love The Walking Dead. I currently own one (The first one) of The Walking Dead comic compendiums and have read up to the prison but I would like to read them all and see how much the comic and the television show differ. 
  2. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins… I have wanted to read this one for a while but whenever I saw it in the shops I didn’t have the money spare to get it…Grrrr…But I joined a toddler group with my youngest at a local church where they had a bookshelf with donated books which they were selling for 50p each so I nabbed it. Bargain hunter me much. 😉 
  3. Stephen Kings Carrie… I read this one after watching the newest version of the film and loved it. I found it for a £1 on Ebay on a second hand bookshop site and when it arrived I managed to read the book in 6 hours straight as I was so excited. 
  4. The Last of us American Dreams Comics…by Faith Erin Hicks, Neil Druckman and Max Fiumara. I’m obsessed with the video game of The Last of us and when I saw they done comics to go along side the game as a sort of prequel I had to get them. I loved them and wish they would do more but with the second game in the series hopefully being released within the next couple of years I’m praying they bring out some more. 
  5. The Twilight Sage by Stephenie Meyer… I didn’t read these books until the first film came out and then I only brought them because I liked the film poster so much. I know a lot of people bash the Twilight saga but I really enjoyed reading them. I prefer the books over the films based on Bella’s character, I’m not a huge fan of the actress who played her and I would have got someone else to do it but I think the books are definitely worth the read. 
  6. Tear Drop by Lauren Kate…My sister gave me this book around a year and a half ago, maybe longer but I still haven’t read it yet. I don’t know why I haven’t but when ever I pick it up I put it back down and think I’ll do it another day. Maybe because she gave me the hardback version and they are quite heavy. But one day I will read it because I love the cover as it is so pretty. 
  7. The Enemy series by Charlie Higson… I have raved about these books for a while. If you love zombie horror then these are a whole new level and by that I mean the world is being rebuilt by the children who survived. It see’s the struggles they go through and the hard adult decisions they have to make at such young ages. 
  8. Battle of New Orleans by Dale C Musser… I haven’t read this yet but I downloaded it on my kindle some time ago. I spoke to the author who wrote it over a Facebook writers group and he had it Free to download for so many days, so of course not saying no to a free book I downloaded it. And one day plan on reading it 😉 
  9. The Unmumsy mum… I follow the Unmumsy mum on Facebook and I liked her brutal and honest opinion to being a mummy and how sometimes you feel like children drive you crazy (Mine do but I do love them). I started reading it but with my own writing projects I forgot to finish it, so this one is on my to finish list. 
  10. The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas… Once again this was a book given to me by my little sister, (She could open her own library! Honestly she could!) Once I started I was hooked and binge read them all. Definitely worth a read. 
  11. Junia by Mercedes Prunty (ME!) how could I write 101 books worth reading and not add my own and yes I have read my own book. And how could I not boast about how much I love my book baby…Well one of them anyway. 
  12. The Misdirection books by Martin Link… Martin is now what I consider a good friend to me and my hubby. I met him at a writers group and we both done an author event together last year. I loved reading his book Misdirection which is like an MI5 style book with a coffee loving agent. His new book Credence is out now which I plan on reading soon. So watch this space as when I get my paws on it I will be reviewing it!!!!! 
  13. Mud, Sweat and tears by Bear Grills… My hubby loves watching all his survivor programmes on telly and brought this book. He has read it which is surprising as he doesn’t read much 😉 And because I write zombie horror with survivors in it I think it may be a good book to read one day. 
  14. In the after by Demitria Lunetta… Once again you guessed it, my little sister gave me this one 😉 this one is another different take on the zombie horror genre with a hint of alien in it. I loved this story and my favourite character was Baby and soon I plan on ordering the second one to see how it ends, that’s if it ends there. 
  15. Winging it!!! By Shel Delisle… I found this on the Free to download section in the kindle store and loved the cover of an Angel but also how the angel is telling a story about her life and how it doesn’t go to plan. (Or at least that’s the gist I got from a review I read). 
  16. Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice… I watched the film when I was a teen as I went through a stage of loving vampires (As you do), I remember the film was great and I even had the soundtrack at one point but now I would love to read the book. Plus I have never read an Anne Rice book and want to see how her writing style is.
  17. The Sailor Moon Comic style books by Naoko Takeuchi… I loved the television anime series of Sailor Moon as a kid and would draw the Sailor Scouts for hours with my favourite Gel pens. When I found my local bookshop sold the comics I knew I had to get them…All!!! And now my kids love reading them too 😉 
  18. Between States by Sean Catt… A great paranormal book of shape shifters. I pinched this book from my mum and haven’t given it back yet haha. The cover is great too…Meow… 
  19. The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins… Another book series turned into films but unlike the Twilight films I love the girl they cast to be Katniss. I read the books in a couple of weeks after watching the first film on television so I was a little late jumping on this bandwagon but I’m glad I did even if I was late to the party. 
  20. Bioshock – Rapture by John Shirley… I’m a nerd, I love playing video games and Bioshock is one of the ones that I have gone back to time and time again. For my birthday last year I didn’t really know what I wanted but me and hubby had been playing the game, after looking it up online I found they had a book on it, before Rapture turned crazy. So my hubby and kids got it for me… And I loved it!! 
  21. The Resident Evil books by S.D.Perry… I read all of these as a teen because I had watched my family play the video games which spurred my love for all things zombie. When I had my second child I went a bit funny and didn’t like reading any horror books and I felt freaked out by the ones I had in the house, so I took them all to the charity shop. Three years later and I realised I missed them and brought them all again with posh new covers. Haha silly mummy moment. 
  22. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion… Me and hubby got the film from Tesco last year some time and I really enjoyed it. I now know it was based on a book and I want it. So that is one for my to buy list.
  23. The Last of Us poster collection… Ok so this is not technically a book you can read, as it has no words but it has posters from the game which are amazing. A great book (Poster collection) for any Last of us fan. 
  24. To Live to Die by Jason Hershey… I haven’t actually read this one but I have read the sequel to it ,’The Chosen Path’ which most of you know I was lucky enough to do the cover reveal for. Now I’ve read the second I know I must read the first to see how Theo’s life story begins 😉
  25. The Mystery club series by Fiona Kelly… I read most of these as a teen and wanted to read them again. So over Christmas I was given £20 to spend by a family member, so I ordered them from Ebay to read again and hopefully pass onto my kids as they get older. 
  26. The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan… I saw my lil sis reading this when she was poorly in hospital once. I liked how the pages where bright pink on the outside of the book. She let me have it once she had finished but I am still yet to pick it up and read it. 
  27. The Charmed series by Constance m Burge… These small books were based on the hit television series by the same name. I have kept all the ones I brought from when I was a teen and thoroughly enjoyed reading them. As you can tell by the pictures 🙂 Now I am keeping them for my girls. 
  28. Small town hearts by H.C. Bentley… I haven’t read these books yet but I have spoken to the author before over Facebook. I done a spotlight for her on my blog and she is also the creator of an indie author ezine magazine.
  29. The Osiris ritual by George Mann… I have this book on my shelf and have had for some time. I got it from a charity shop when I was feeling poor and looking for unusual books to read. The cover of this one caught my eye, plus I’ve always loved Egypt and films like the mummy so I got it thinking it to be like them. Once I have read it I will let you know.
  30. Suicide Squad… I have seen the film now and enjoyed it, I did see the book adaption of the film months ago in shops but for some reason never picked it up but now I’m on the lookout for it as I love Harley and the Joker.
  31. The Alone series soon to be trilogy by Mercedes Prunty (Me!) I’ve always loved zombie horror and now I’ve written my own. Read if you dare. 
  32. Life with a sprinkle of glitter by Louise Pentland… I wanted this book for so long ever since I purchased her diary for 2017 and fell in love with her blog. She has inspired me to keep going with mine and that eventually hard work pays off. 
  33. The girl with all the gifts by M.R. Carey… Another zombie novel and another one where I love the book and the film adaption. Well worth a read. 
  34. Grand Designs by linda Mitchelmore… A great quick romance read by the Choc lit genre. 
  35. Jetsun Punks unforeseen journey to Shambhala by R.A. Edwards… A great story for a youngster, maybe nine to twelve year olds but a good storyline if you like things spiritual. 
  36. The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling… As if people need telling why they need to read them, most people have already read them!!! 
  37. Only True in Fairytales by Christine Stovell… Another Choc lit read but a gentle heartwarming one, a book that would suit a commute to work or a pool side holiday read. 
  38. The art of the last of us by Naughty dog… A book that shows all the concept art, character bios, scene and world building for the great video game that is The last of us. 
  39. Extreme food by Bear Grylls… I used some of this when I was researching food people could eat in a zombie apocalypse, came in handy when I was writing Alone and Lone and now the final in the series that I hope to publish this year some time. 
  40. Stephen Kings Misery… This book was loaned to me by a mummy friend who had seen I had just read Carrie and thought I might enjoy it. I did 🙂 although I hope I never have a fan that crazy lol.
  41. The celestine prophecy by James Redfield… A book I grew up seeing as my mother loved it and always had a copy lying about the house. A great read and along with a documentary, inspired my book The keeper of the key.
  42. The Keeper of the Key by Mercedes Prunty (Me!)… A book inspired by a documentary my nan and grandad were watching when my youngest was a baby and I just had a ping of an idea. 
  43. The Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton… This authors vampire hunter series have made me the author I am today, I loved her writing style and the way she wrote in first person. And what first attracted me to her books in the horror section in Waterstones was the original front covers, they were pretty pieces of art, not like the boring covers now. 
  44. Swarm by Alex South… Another zombie book that I found in the kindle store for free and need to read.
  45. Holidays presence by Angel L Woodz… A great christmas lift me up book, has a sad tone to it but gives the reader a happy xmas ending.
  46. The Maddie diaries by maddie ziegler and forward by Sia… I need to read this, I love Sia’s music and videos and the dancing that maddie does is very creative and fluid in motion. I would love to read about the young dancers life and experiences and whether it affects a younger person becoming famous at a young age or whether its the same for everyone. 
  47. Alice adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll… My favourite Disney princess but not quite a princess. I used to dress up as her on world book days at school and loved reading the book 🙂 a must read and a classic.
  48. Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle… A dark take on the classic fairy tale. Really want to read and have downloaded. 
  49. Dracula by Bram Stoker… A classic horror story that I think everyone should read 🙂 
  50. 50 Shades of grey by E.L. James… I only want to read it to see what all the fuss is about, as I am one of the few who hasn’t read it yet. (Or seen the films I might add).
  51. Write well publish right by Lucinda Moebius… Any book that helps writers out is worth a read for hints and tips. I am about half way through and am revelling in some of the advice in it. 
  52. Swaying by Lucinda Blanchard… I liked the look of the cover and downloaded. Will put in my to read list. 
  53. The Rosie Lewis books… She writes true stories about the children she fosters and the people she meets. Most of them really pull at your heart strings but you see what an amazing lady she is helping and fostering so many children who need help and hopefully won’t slip through the social care system. 
  54. The crystal bible… A good reference book when I was doing research for my book The keeper of the Key. 
  55. The woman writer by Sylvia Kent… My nan got me this book when I was attending the Eastbourne book festival. She wanted me to read it in the hope it would inspire me to write more and it has. 
  56. The Louvre still stands by Arwen Chandler… I need to read this 24 page short story. I have read one of her other short stories and although the stories are small they are worded well and worth a good read if you need something small just to jump start your creative mind.
  57. Soulmates by Sienna Grant… I downloaded this because I saw the posts about it floating around Facebook so thought I would see what all the fuss is about 🙂 still need to read it though.
  58. Illusion from the Eomix galaxy books by Christa Yelich- Koth. I met this author through a sci fi and fantasy Facebook book group. We joined in with a review circle and I got this book to read and review and… well I loved it!!!! Space, powers, different creatures and races, love and betrayal, this book has it all, a blooming great read. 
  59. Crystal magic by Madeline Freeman, I love stories with magic, friendship and powers. (Hence the charmed book horde earlier). A good read 🙂 
  60.   I downloaded this just the otherway day when I joined in with K.R. Reeses release event for her new book. I liked the sound of it and will read soon.   
  61. Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart, found this in the free to download section and have saved it for a rainy day 🙂
  62. Theg good neighbour by Beth Miller, I met the author and got the book signed when she came to do a talk and writing exercise at the writers group I used to attend. A good thrilling read 🙂
  63.  The half wild series by Sally Green, A recommendation by my little sister and personally I only want to read them as one is signed by the author.

  64. The being human series by various authors and based on the television show. I loved Annie the ghost and found these in Waterstones. Each story is a different one the author has made up and doesnt feature in the show but I enjoyed them.
  65. The great gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A classic that people always tell me is a good read so when I spotted it on a stall at the Eastbourne book festival I grabbed a copy.
  66.  Tandem by Anna Jarzab, a book about many worlds. The theme behind it reminded me of the film called ‘The one’ with Jet Li in it, I loved the film and wanted to see this book is on that same level.  
  67. The Nina wild and Eddie Chase series of tomb raider style books by Andy McDermott. Great thilling books filled with action, history and artifacts to rival Lara Croft.   
  68.  Tomb raider the ten thousand immortals by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent. A book I actually leant to my sister for a change as we are both Tomb raider game fans 🙂 
  69. The Walking Dead books by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. I’ve read the comics, watched the television show and am now collecting the figures, so why would I not read the books.
  70. The secret samurai by Jill Rutherford. Another author I met at the Eastbourne book festival and because of my love for Japan I downloaded this onejust 🙂Hope you enjoyed my reading list.


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