Write everyday to keep the writers block away…

Making time to write every day is not an easy feat for everybody, some people have the time, the patience and the exhaustive back log of ideas filed away in their minds to write every single day but I know others can’t or try to but family life, work and others things get in the way. A lot of author’s I know or have spoken to always talk about the dreaded thing that is writers block, we all get it at some point in our writing career’s, some get it more than others… I tend to suffer with it when I’m stressed, down or just too busy to write when my kids are on their holidays from school. But this year I am determined to stop it when it attacks me or at least try to find a way of preventing it before it happens, so I decided to start a diary in January where I write something down everyday. The words I write might not be worth putting on my blog or in a book but just writing anything, something keeps my mind active and has so far (touch wood) stopped the writers block from being to fierce. I also have changed from doing my blog once a week to everyday and I am treating it like a life or death situation (Not literally life and death but its bad to me if I haven’t published a post by 8pm). I am hoping that all this extra writing will keep me pen going and maybe even smoking a little bit by the end of this year where I have written so damn much. By the end of the year if my little experiment works I may consider keeping my blog on everyday or putting it down to just a few days a week. (I mean finding ideas to write about 365 days a year is a mission but one I seem to be acing at the moment but I know there will be a time when it all just grinds to a halt!)

So what do you write about everyday to keep you writing and your mind working hard? Anything and everything… Before my blog focused mainly on book and writing related issues but it got a bit samey, boring and people weren’t really looking or acting interested over it and just before Xmas last year I got a bit depressed after something that emotionally hit me affected me and I froze, I couldn’t think of anything to write on my blog. Now I write day to day things, one day it might be a book related thing, it might be something about my books, a promotion, an author interview or cover reveal for someone else or the next day it might be about life in general, what me and my little family have gotten up to on our holidays or weekends, special recipes that I cook for my dairy and lactose intolerant daughter, cakes we make together or crafts we get messy with making. I once read on another blog that people don’t want to see all of one thing all the time, it gets too repetitive and boring, people need to be stimulated to want to read and putting different ideas and content on my blog has proved more successful as more people have been reading and viewing it. Yes you should stay close to your genre or niche, mine of course is books and writing but people and readers want to see that you are human and not just a robot spewing out the same crap day in day out.

Now I normally find the time to write my blog in the most unusual place, (Haha no its not the toilet when I have to pee or… yeah you get it 😉 ), its actually when I have to put my kids to bed. My youngest won’t settle unless I lay with her and watch a short Dvd with her, so I grab my phone with my blogs app and lay in her bed and whilst she is watching the Dvd I write the blog post for that day. I normally have an idea during the day of what I will write that night and take pictures for it as and when I can, if not I use my Bitmoji app which is great for funny and quick pictures to brighten up my blog. Another good idea if you are a blogger and don’t want to come unstuck for ideas is to write and set tasks, make lists of all the blogging ideas you could use. Google is a god send when your mind is blank!!! Type into google blogging ideas and it will come up with lists others have made, it will show you blogs where they have posted the same question and come up with a good answer (Just make sure not to copy, use the idea and turn it into your own). Once you have a list and if you are having a bad day with no ideas then just flick through the list and pick out the one you think you could manage or just throw out to the world.

I have to admit I am also not one of those people who will say to myself ‘Right I need to write 6,000 words today on my new WIP) oh no!!!! To me that is just asking for trouble, its asking for Mr Writers Block to arrive on your doorstep. I feel that pressuring yourself will stress you out and like I said earlier stress for me brings on Writers block, so I try to avoid it as much as I can. So with word counts I just go by how much my brain can handle in one day. I have also heard writers using triggers to get their writing mojo going, certain music or aromas E.G incense sticks, perfumes, coffee. If you use these things whilst writing all the time it will slowly get your brain used to them and when ever you use them it will trigger that feeling inside of ‘It’s time to work’. Another handy tip is to take something to write on wherever you go, like a small note book and pen, this way if an idea comes to the surface whilst you are out you can jot it down and remember it for later.

Distractions are also a writing killer and can ease in the dreaded writers block because your brain will be too full of all what’s gone on around you. Do you check your social media accounts a lot whilst writing? Hide your phone or leave it just out of reach. Does background noise irritate you? Put headphones in and play music you find easy to write to or if that’s no good then maybe some ear plugs. Do you get hungry? Leave writing snacks within easy reach so you don’t have to leave your writing zone, same goes for drinks. Bad lighting? Turn on lights or close curtains. All simple things can help stop the distractions and it might be the thing that just helps you to get in the mood.

All of this to help reduce writers block will all take time to get into a routine, a bit like actually writing and producing a book but once you get into the routine of doing things to help your writing brain then it will all come easier and hopefully keep Mr Writing block at bay. Hope you all found this useful??? And Good luck!!!!


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