Making time for me :-)

The easter holidays are over and the kids are back at school. All us parents have done for the past two weeks is to try and keep are little monkeys entertained. Over easter I made a promise to myself that I was going to spend more time on me once the kids went back, as my husband kept telling me how I do so much with and for the girls and that I needed to spend some time on me, so this week I have. 

I’ve put on a little bit of weight since I had a coil fitted near xmas time and I’m not happy with it and what made it worse was when someone commented on my slight double chin. (Cringe!!!)

Now a lot of my mummy friends all go to the gym or are naturally just skinny biatches or have worked hard dieting and exercising to lose their extra child bearing weight. So I have decided now its my turn. I have started a diet with Slim fast because I’m not always the best people person and get nervous in large crowds so I decided a slimming world club wasn’t for me, as I heard they get super busy. Next up is exercise, I went to the gym a few times when I was 16 and hated it!!! You would get the mega fitties huddled in one corner looking fit and lovely whilst you try to tone up and the looks they gave me and others made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t think all gyms are like this and it might just have been a crowd of super biatches out to upset others. Now I look back and at 16 I wasn’t even a bit chubby, I was a size 8 but felt huge. Don’t ask why because now I’m older I pine for that skinny body. (Although I would never change my children for anything, I would live with my chunk and strechmarks forever if I had to for them but…hopefully I can work it off 🙂 ) So I decided the best exercise for me is swimming because I totally enjoy it, yes its at a pool and people can see you but… I go early so the pool is practically empty!!! Plus the bonus is all the fit mums in bakinis are in the shallow end with their kids whilst I can workout in the deepend. And now my lil sis has told me she wants to come with me too, yay a swimming buddy 🙂 I’m also using my exercise bike at home which hubby got for me 🙂 (what would I do without him?) I’m also trying to not drive so much, since learning to drive like nearly ten years ago I have got a little lazy but the car is so handy so I won’t give it up completely. Hehe.

All that is one way to have some time for me but I have decided to treat myself too, as a reward after swimming once a week I will allow myself one special McDonald’s toffee latte. Yeah to some they might think that defeats the object of doing all the exercise but… if I have a reward to work towards each week not just a better body then I am more likely to stick at it. (I hope). So fingers crossed I keep to it and lose some weight, if I’m failing your see me out and about eating donuts. Haha.

Have a happy weekend.


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