Print V’s E-book… Who will win in the E.N.D???

  • Nothing can beat the feel, the smell and the look of a new printed book. You can flick through the pages getting wafts of that paper perfume. You can hold it, stroke it and use it as a doorstop if its heavy enough. 🙂
  • Nothing can beat having a million books at your finger tips, to be able to read in the dark with no bedsides lamps to annoy the husband or wife. You can also flick to any page you like and it remembers where it was you got to. 🙂

But who wins the argument? Who will out live the other? Print books or E-books? Here is what I think will happen to them both.

Personally I honestly feel that the E-book will one day reign with the crown and win but the paperback won’t go down without a battle and a big one it will be and I think it will look like the paperback is winning until the E-book pulls the rug out from under its pages. I actually love paperbacks, I love owning and holding a real book in my hands especially if I am lucky enough to have one signed by the author hehe but my reasoning for thinking that the E-book will win is I feel quite plausible.

First up who runs the world? Governments. And what do they like to do? Tax people…Er yes but what else? Control what we do. Yup that’s the one. Now what are books made of? Trees. Yes, exactly. I think one day maybe not in the too near future but not to distant either that the Governments will decide that books can no longer be made from paper because paper is initially made from trees and to make books we need to kill trees. Yes a lot of places plant new trees in their place but trees take a long time to grow and mature. And what is it us as humans need trees and plant life for? To breathe. Yes. We need the oxygen they create to breathe and to live, without them we would die and all the books we had would then be of no use to us. So what will the Governments do? Stop tree cutting for books and other reasons and the only way books will be able to be read is through… Electronic devices. Now I know that electronic devices are made from resources that might and do affect our ozone layer but they will focus on the main need, the need to breathe. Plus everything being electronic will mean that it will be easier to spy on people and what they are reading and maybe one day controlling what they read. Brainwashing us normal folk into reading what they want us to read, so we cannot make our own choices. Yes it might seen a bit far fetched to the many but I can really see it happening. Take for example the big players in the E-book market, they can see what people download, who reviews who’s books and give or takeaway those reviews as they see fit. What’s to say the Governments can’t use that technology from those big companies to watch us all and what we read???? Omg I swear I have just come up with a new story idea haha. As if I haven’t got that many to write at the moment haha. So I tax dibs on this one 😉 How long do I think it will take to change? 100 years or so 😉 so if your around then when I’m not, please electronically message heaven for me to let me know if I’m right or wrong lol. What do you think???


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