Alone crossover with The Walking Dead…

Now as you all are aware I am a geek, a nerd and I love games. The one I have been playing for months now and still haven’t got bored of is The Walking Dead No Mans Land. I downloaded it around Xmas time 2016 and have been playing ever since, my people are mostly on level 14 now and the missions are soooo hard now, my Google player level on the game is 34… Which means upgrading my council, hospital and farm plots costs about 1,000,000 cans of food (Supplies) Eek omg that’s a lot. But what I found out the other day which made my day was that the characters you have that are not key characters from the game you can rename. OMG!!! You can give them what ever name you like… So of course I took advantage of this and named my favourite and highly skilled ones after my characters from my Alone books, hehe I thought this might get me back in the writing mood for finishing the final book this year if I could play my characters in an actual Zombie apocalypse.

So here they are my renamed characters…

First up is Stacie… She was originally called Mary. She is my favourite fighter as she is my strongest, at the moment she is my only legendary player at 5 stars and level 14.

Next up is Kaley… Soon to be a legendary player once I have upgraded her again but I still need around 100 shooter tokens to upgrade her as I need 250. She is currently 4 star and on level 14… Originally called Beatrice on the Walking dead game.

Now here comes Monique… Yes I know I killed her off in the books but she is still one of my favourite characters. She is level 13 soon to be 14 once I have enough XP points to upgrade her. She is 4 star also with the aim of being legendary. Originally called Denise.

Lastly here is Tanya, Stacie’s sister. I chose her because she looked like the Mary original of Stacie but with short hair which was how Tanya ended up in my books so I thought it was fitting. She is strong too but not like Stacie, she is a 4 star and level 13 but like the others I want to upgrade her.

Hope you liked my crazy little blog about what I enjoy playing in my spare time and how I really need to get out more haha. And eventually when I get guy players that look like my guy characters I will add them too. But this one day would be my aim for one of my books, to get onto T.V and for people to love it so much they make a game out of it. đŸ˜‰ A girl can life and dream.


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