My diet plan…

Yeah I know I’m an author I shouldn’t be going on about diets and the gym I should be writing about stories and writing things but I find writing it down and planning it out is helping me stick to it. In all fairness it has only been a week so the fact I have stuck to it could just be beginner’s will lol. I also want people who read my blog to know I’m human too, yes I’m a writer and I author books but I have human problems like weight gain, lack of exercise and struggles. My life is not a cakes and roses lol. So the other day when I was shopping I happened to look down the diet aisle in my local supermarket and spotted a Slimfast diet pack, a 7 day beginner’s guide. I’ve used Slimfast briefly before for my wedding and was happy with the results so now I thought why not go the whole hog and use the whole diet plan. 

Yes this pack was expensive a whole £25 British pounds but in my eyes its worth it. You get a variety and to buy it all separately would probably cost a bit more. You get the shakes, the meal replacement bars, snacks and a handy guide with recipes that are low calorie and a weekly planner to show you when to eat what foods. You can also log onto their website and do your BMI.

This was mine, I know it says I’m a healthy weight for my height but I would like to go down a dress size, lose my slight double chin and my baby jelly belly. I am doing this diet and exercising too as I want to get fitter and I will let you know in a months time my results. Wish me luck.


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