Perfume review… FM by Tilly :-)

A month or so ago you may remember me doing a blog about my favourite Facebook groups, one of them was a network marketing group by Tilly Rogers who gives advice and courses on how to be a better network marketer. Now I know being an author is not a network marketer but actually joining her group and using some of her tips has made me a better seller when it comes to my own books, it has made my facebook author page a little more personal and not so… all about book business posts. 🙂 So after getting to know her a little I found out about her market, she sells FM makeup and perfume. Now I love perfume but I don’t always have the pennies spare to buy some, so Tilly offered me some samples of some she does. She sent me three in the post and here is what I thought of them. 

  1.  Perfume no 20 – Tilly wrote that this one is a floral perfume with an oriental note. This to me personally smells sweet with a powerdry after tone, this one I have to admit is my favourite one out of all the samples and just happens to be one of the cheaper ones to buy at just £13.50 – 50ml. This one is also the one I had the most comments made to me about. The scent actually lasts a long time too between top ups.
  2.   Perfume no 257 – Tilly wrote this one is oriental with a floral note also £13.50- 50mls. This one is my second favourite, it is quite strong smelling and reminds me of a perfume my nan used to wear and before you all think ‘granny’ she wears very trendy and expensive perfumes. Think Chanel.
  3.   Perfume no 292 – Tilly says this one is floral with a fruity note. This one is my least favourite one, to me the scent was weaker than the others and reminded me of cheap kiddie perfumes you could get from the pound shop. And at £18.50 – 50ml it is the most expensive one Tilly sent me.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone smells things differently and when I used to work at the perfume counter in TJ Hughes after I left school I always remember one of the girls telling me how her friend smelt gorgeous with a certain perfume but when she tried it she likened it to cat piss!!! So the scent may smell great one someone else but not you, if I remember rightly it was something to do with certain oils on people’s skin. So just because I wasn’t keen on 292 doesn’t mean it isn’t actually a great perfume.

If you would like to find out more about the makeup and perfume Tilly sells why not check out her group. You may find some great deals 🙂 and get to know a lovely woman in the process. 

Tilly’s FM perfume and beauty group

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