My folder of poems…

Funny what you find when digging through forgotten draws in your house when you are looking for something else. Today I came across my old folder of poems whilst looking for my old passport. Now most of the peoms were pants, ramblings of a grumpy and emotional teenager. (I was 13-14 when I wrote most of them). They would originally start off in the back of my school planner until I decided to write them all up and put them in a special folder. Like I said most are rubbish and made me giggle reading back at how my writing was back then, young, hoping to find love haha and down right depressing haha. But there were a few worth keeping and putting on here, so enjoy and giggle 🙂 

Mirrored vision…

I woke up today, and found the world empty, no one here but me, where has everyone gone? Its too silent, where the noise should be, is this a bad dream or reality?

Is there anyone out there but me? Where another living person should be, my minds gone blank on how this could happen, how can I get out, hello can you help me? 

I finally found someone, they have the same mirrored expression as me, they too wonder what has happened and how we could have stopped it, but is this just me? As a mirrored person, a mirrored vision, a mirror from another reality?

(Apparently I wrote this when I was 13 as I have that typed on the paper I printed it on. Lol. A bit depressing for a 13 year old huh lol.)

The camera never lies…

I saw a picture of you with another girl, how do you think I felt? I saw a picture of you kissing another girl, how do you think I felt? I saw a picture of you holding another girl, how do you think I felt? 

The camera never lies, so don’t deny it, the camera never lies, so don’t excuse it, the camera never lies, and I can prove it…I’m mad and your not innocent you lie, so don’t try, to even deny!!!!

(Apparently I wrote this after being cheaten on…meh… silver linings and all…I’m married and have kids now and he’s lonely so I think I won that one).


Yeah I’ve been mad to get this far, but it was my only choice, cause you never told me another voice, yeah I’ve been mad to get this far, but do you care?

Dad I really needed you for my life time, you used to say that you were there for me, but it was never true, you never used to phone me, to see how I got along at school, so now I’m feeling blue, all because to you.

I really needed you at times, but you were never there, I needed you when I was hurt, but you were never there.

See how nice I am, cause I forgive you, can I be your little girl again? Be your best friend or is there no end?

(As a teenager my relationship with my dad since he remarried was always strained and still is now, no change there then. But I guess forgive and forget but I’ll keep you at arms length. I’m not too good with the old rejection thing now.:-) )

Gosh was I a depressing teenager lol. What have you found that takes you back to your teenage youth?? Is it good or bad?? 


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