Life Crisis…

Life crisis haha well this is a throw back for me. I’ve always loved writing, I’m sure you never would have guessed lol but Life crisis was the first story I ever tried to write, it followed a girl called Faith who’s family were murdered and she wanted to go after them. She began to train to become an assassin until she met an Aztec God who granted her the gift to kill with a magic entity called a Spidergram, which was a soul destroying web like thing that sucked the life out of evil people and beings. I drew hundreds of pictures for it which unfortunately I have lost over the years other than this one. (Please excuse the girls nose!!! I have never been good at drawing noses). Some of the elements I made up for this book I used in my other book The keeper of the key. Not the assassin thing but the God side, e.g. Mayan and Peruvian gods 🙂 but it was fascinating to remember and see that I have always been into the god, goddess, fantasy and blood thirsty side to writing and books. Maybe one day I might let the Spidergram resurface in some form but in The keeper of the key series which I really need to get my butt in gear and write the sequel to. 


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