Ten things no one knows about me…

Well ten things no one knows about me, this is a tough one as I can be a bit like an open book and wear my heart on my sleeve, so most probably know everything about me but here goes.

  1. I share my birthday with the anniversary of Pearl Harbour.  Not the most exciting fact but I do none the less, 7th of December. I only know this because my dad who is a war nut (enthusiast) had pride in reminding me year after year.
  2. I used to have my tongue pierced and done it behind my mums back and managed to keep it secret for a whole week, that was until xmas day and I wished her a happy xmas with my tongue out 🙂 sorry mum 🙂 (I had to take it out when I was pregnant as my tongue swelled up and never put it back in).
  3. I met Alister McGowen 🙂 when I was on work experience at a newspaper company with my aunt she had the job of interviewing him. He is the most famous person I met lol. 🙂
  4. When I was younger e.g. 12/ 13 I had my Palms read on Hastings pier and was told then I would be an author. I forgot all about it until last year when I was going through my old diaries at my nans and found the entry where I wrote it all down. Spooky huh!!!
  5. I believe in ghosts. I’m not overly spiritual but I do believe in ghosts and some spiritual things. I believe when I was younger e.g. 4/5 I met a ghost in our old house. And the saying is children are more prone to seeing them than adults.
  6. I was actually named after a character (heroine) in a book my mum was reading when she was pregnant with me. Not because of the car like my dad would like to say.
  7. I’ve been to Norway, France and spain… all on ferries or the euro tunnel. I have never been on a plane but I have been on a helicopter. 🙂
  8. My first pet was Midge the mouse and me and my lil sis used to sing a song for him. ‘Midge the mouse is in his house’. 
  9. I like knitting and sewing as well as reading and writing.
  10. My first car was a Ford fiesta who I called Lawrence because the number plate began with an L. I like to name my cars as I get very attached to them lol.

So there we have it, ten things about me no one really knew and know does. I’m not the most exciting person lol but hey I’ve still got time to more exciting things right???

What ten things does no one know about you????


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