Author spotlight with Helen Reid…

Here is my ‘Author Spotlight’ with Author Helen Reid on her Debut novel ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’, and a little peek at her cover for the book which is being revealed today on her event over on Facebook. If you wish to check out the event where loads of cool authors will be hosting takeovers then follow the link below. 😉

Link for Helen Reids event .x.

And here is a peek at the new cover!!! Wow I love it!!!



Question one… Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and why do you write?

1. Hi my name is Helen Reid and I come from a town close to Swansea in South Wales. I am a married mother of two boys aged 13 & 21. I haven’t been writing for very long, maybe a year but it is something that has always been a dream of mine. To see my name in print.

 Question two… What is your new book ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ about? Where did you get the inspiration for it?

2. The book ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ is quite hard to explain really. It is an exploration of abuse that can be present within a couple. Not always physical abuse but also mental abuse. Being married for 15 Years Samantha Hunt has become accustomed to her husband’s ways, she is afraid of him and just accepts that this is her version of true love. It is a look inside her mind and I was surprised how many people connected with her. The notion that it is easier to back down in every situation, because you are afraid of your partners response. I don’t think enough people realise that this is a way of controlling somebody, you don’t have to leave marks. Andrew, her husband erupts at the slightest thing and also uses sex as a weapon against her. After the move Samantha gets acquainted with a younger and extremely handsome neighbour James Sterling. He is a local handy man and falls for Samantha as soon as he sets eyes on her. He is the complete opposite to the man she married. We follow her journey as she struggles to come to terms that with the fact that she could be attractive to him. It is wonderful to see her confidence grow as the story reaches its climax.

 Question three… How did you chose the cover? Did you have it specially designed and why did you pick that one?

3. The cover was designed by myself and my very talented husband. I have always known in my mind how I wanted it to look. The cover that I used for the blog was just something I managed to put together using an app, but I wanted the book cover to be a lot crisper and clearer. Saying that, I still wanted it simple and uncluttered. Working with someone who knows you so well makes the whole process a lot smoother.

 Question four… Do you have any writing habits? E.G listening to music whilst you write?

4. No I can’t listen, watch, eat or drink when I am writing. My mind gets easily distracted.

 Question five… Did you always want to be a writer or did you dream of doing something else when you were a child?

5. I have always held a dream to write but I never felt I had the courage to follow it through. Like many people with a family I have just spent my adult life working in regular jobs, I don’t actually remember wanting to be anything when I was a child. Perhaps that’s why it has taken me until I am in my 40’s to achieve it.

 Question six… Who is your favourite author and why? Did their writings inspire you in any way?

6. I thought about this for a long time and I actually have to say there is not one author that actually stands out for me. There are works by authors that have blown me away, but my taste is very varied. One week I could pick up an Enid Blyton book and be reunited with my child hood, the next week I may feel I want to read something a little more grown up. My favourite book of all time is Tess of the D’Urbervilles, I love the whole damaged heroine feel. 

Question seven… Will you go traditional with publishing or self-publish? And why?

7. For ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ I have decided to self publish. The time just feels right. I could go down the traditional route and maybe in the future I will, but by the time it would get to print, I feel maybe the buzz surrounding the book will have been lost. Also when putting the feelers out it showed how complicated ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ is to pigeon hole. It crosses genres. Yes there is a lot of sex but that lies behind the story, supporting it, rather than leading it. 

 Question eight… What genre/ genre’s do you prefer to read? Is it the same genre you like to write?

8. As I have already said, I like to read across the genre’s, yes I like to read erotica, which is one of the categories ‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ falls into. Obviously I have read the Fifty Shades trilogy and I have to say, even though they get knocked a lot for the standard of writing, I felt they were written for purpose and I flipping enjoyed them. 

 Question nine… Do you have any other works published at the moment and or any other WIP’s that you hope to release on the world one day?

9. I don’t have anything else published yet, but am working on my next release ‘Deliciously Kept’. It is the story of a high end escort whose comfortable world is destroyed in a matter of weeks. I release a taster chapter each Sunday on my blog. Like Darkest Desires it the blog only tells parts of the story. You would need to read the book to get the full picture.

 Question ten… How do you chose your characters? Are they based on you or anyone you know?

10. I have never actually sat down and thought about who I will write about, the ideas usually come to me when I am in the bath or trying to sleep. I let the character grow in my mind, until I feel I know them enough to include them in the book. It means a lot of arguing and talking to yourself, but it works for me.

 Question eleven… Do you have any advice for any budding writers out there?

11. The only thing I would say, is just go for it. Have a go, whats the worse that could happen. Nobody reads it? Well when its in your head nobody can read it there either. Also be prepared to work. I write alongside my day job and some times the hours on the book and promotions are longer than that. Until you try you will never know.

 Helen xxxxx

If you wish to get to know Helen a little more then why not check her out here on her social media and blog links.


Deliciously Kept

Hope you enjoyed it.



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