Book review and author spotlight for Christa Yelich-Koth…

I had the pleasure of getting to know author Christa Yelich-Koth through a Facebook Sci fi and Fantasy book group where I took part in a review circle and I ended up with her book to review and wow… am I glad I got to read hers. Here is my review.

‘Brilliant story with twists and turns to it that as a reader I just wasn’t expecting. Daith is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to read the next one to find out how her life changes and evolves. I hope she finds out the truth before its to late and gets those memories back like she so desires.’ My review on her UK Amazon book link.
I loved this book it had me hooked from start to finish. Daith is a strong character even though she has lost her memories and has no idea who she was or is. Dru the handsome and kind doctor thirves to help her but he has issues of his own that he must fight against, that and the captain of the ship he is staying on to help Daith. The captain Trey is also a strong character and wants things his way but I do hope in the next installment he gets what he deserves. The story itself is full of twists and heartache that your not expecting and it doesn’t disappoint. Highly recommended by me. 🙂

Here is the author spotlight, please enjoy getting to know Christa…

Question one… Hi Christa thanks for joining me and agreeing to an author spotlight. So I have just read your book ‘Illusion’, from the Eomix Galaxy books, where we meet Daith, Dru and Trey. What inspired you for the idea for this book? And how many do you plan on being in this series?


1)     Hi Mercedes! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed Illusion! I had an idea for a scene where a woman woke up with no memories, trapped inside a locked room. I didn’t know anything about her, so I wrote the scene. When the door finally opened and Lieutenant Koye stood on the other side… well I had to write more to see what would happen next!


Illusion has a follow up science fantasy book, entitled Identity, which is out now, and are both part of the Eomix Galaxy Books collection.

Other books will include Coiled Vengeance, out fall 2017, which is a science fiction thriller, and a YA science fiction thriller (title TBD), scheduled tentatively for 2018.


Question two… Where did the design for your cover come from? (I love the cover and I love purple so I knew I was going to like the book).


2)     The cover was my design and artistically created by comic book artist, Conrad Teves. I knew I wanted Daith’s emerald green eyes peering out through space. The purple nebula evoked a sense of mystery and conspiracy, perfect for this first novel.


Question three… How long does it typically take for you to write one of your stories, from start to finish and including editing?


3)     It usually takes me about 6 months to write it and about 3-5 months to edit. (I use 4 different editors, all who bring completely unique perspectives, so that I can cover every angle I need.) It’s why I wanted to make sure I had a couple books written before I published Illusion, so that I could keep up with putting out at least 1 book a year for my readers.


Question four… What author or novel has influenced the way you write?


4)     I think I have a few influences. I always liked Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game) and Alice in Wonderland, so I think those influenced Illusion a bit. As for writers, I absolutely love the detailed description of Edgar Allen Poe, the character work of Stephen King and Joss Whedon, and the worldbuilding of Anne McCaffrey.


Question five… Do you have any writing rituals?


5)     Not really. I do like to write in short stints, about 20 minutes each, and then take short breaks. It’s a great way to get chores done around the house!


Question six… Whilst writing do you like to listen to music? Do you have a favourite playlist for the ‘Illusion’ book?


6)     I’m not big on listening to music while I write. If I do, it’s usually soundtracks or meditative/nature music. If it has lyrics, I’ll start to sing and get distracted. 


Question seven… Did you self-publish or go traditional and why did you chose that route?


7)     I originally had an agent and got two publishing offers. One didn’t cover print books (ebooks only) and the other wanted a trilogy—they didn’t think a 2 book option would sell. The response from many other publishing companies was “I really like this, I just don’t know how to market it.” So I (along with my business partner) decided to start our own publishing company, Buzz & Roar Publishing, to do just that: publish the books and comics that are really great, but may not have an easy-to-find marketable audience. We established the company in 2015 and Illusion is printed with that company.


Question eight… How do you market your book? Do you have any tips for other budding writers?


8)     Marketing is an every changing beast. I’ve employed several tactics, from social media, to paid advertising, to giveaway incentives, to conventions and conferences. My suggestion is to try what you can (within your budget), find what works the best for your book, and stick to that. Reach out every once in a while to see what new things are out there, but each book is unique and should be marketed uniquely.


Question nine… Who is your favourite character from your books and why? Do you think they represent you in any way?


9)     Oh, that’s a tough one. I think one of my favorite characters from Illusion is Dr. Ludd. He is jolly and talkative, but is wonderful at calming people. I don’t think I’m quite that jolly, and I hope not as talkative, but I’d love to think people feel more at ease after chatting with me.


Question ten… I know you write in the Sci-Fi genre but do you prefer to read that genre or do you actually prefer other topics?


10)  It is my genre of preference, although I do love fantasy as well. I have sometimes strayed into horror, too, but only when it’s more about the story and not so much gore.


Question eleven… If your book got a movie deal who would you cast as the characters and why?


11)  Funnily enough, when Illusion hit Amazon Bestseller status, I got this question quite a bit from my readers, so I put some real thought into it. I figured the 3 main characters, Daith, Dru, and Trey, would be best represented by Kristin Kreuk, Jamie Dornan, and David Tennant, respectively.


As for why, Daith is curious, fierce, gorgeous, and pushes through her fears. Her emotional range is huge and she has to have both softness and determination. I think Kristin Kreuk would play this beautifully.


For Doctor Dru Xiven, a psychologist specializing in memory loss and the younger brother of Trey, the villain, I needed a thinker, someone cautious, and a person trying desperately to walk the thin line between right and moral. I thought Jamie Dornan would be perfect.


Trey is ambitious, persuasive, and a little bit insane. The actor playing him must be great at switching between welcoming and out of control. I would choose David Tennant as he has shown his masterfulness at being compassionate and devious.


Question twelve… Do you have any works in progress at the moment? When do you plan on your next book being released?


12)  My newest release will be Coiled Vengeance this fall, an electric science fiction thriller that follows Ness Opute, who will change his identity to find the woman who murdered his wife. This will be released fall 2017.

Currently in the works in a new YA fantasy series, The Land of Iyah, in which I’m finishing up the first draft of book 1, The Jade Castle.


Question thirteen… If you could take any author to dinner for a chat and a gossip who would it be and why? What questions would you like to ask them?


13)  For book authors, I’d ask Stephen King. For writers, I’d ask Joss Whedon. As for questions, I don’t know. I think I’d just love to talk to them, tell them what an inspiration they are, and talk about writing in general. Because we all seem to love it so, I think it would be great to chat about it.


Question fourteen… Do you have any other advice for other writers, authors or people who want to give this crazy lifestyle a go?


14)  1) Writing is work. If you don’t think it’s a job, then I suggest looking for something else or having it be a hobby. It takes time, energy, brainpower, research, creativity, money, pride, determination, risk-taking, and decision-making. Writing involves storytelling, organization, and editing. It may not always be fun, but if you love to write, the rest is worth it.


2) You have to let people read your work BEFORE you publish it. This is the scariest thing—I know because I do it too! But if you want your work to be good, or even great, you need to get it out of your own head and into someone else’s. Learning from their reactions, their thoughts, and their critiques will give you the best version of your story possible.


3) Talk to other writers. Most writers are more than willing to help you learn the ropes. They may not have time to help you every step of the way, but asking them about how to learn or recommendations or what they do can help inspire you and guide you down a much easier writing/publishing path.


Wow thanks for all your answers its been great getting to know you.

If you wish to find out more about Christa and her books here are her links. Her book Illusion is on offer now for 0.99 why not give it a read.

Amazon Author Page US

Amazon Author Page UK


Twitter: @cyelkoth


Buzz & Roar Publishing Website

Buzz & Roar Editing Services

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