30 days of writing tips… 2017 … Tip No 1 …


Hi everyone 🙂 Now this month I have decided to solely concentrate on trying to help others. Now in my (Profession…Can I call it that? It’s what I do, other than being a full time mummy 😉 … I’ll call it that… my profession lol) I write (Yeah that was obvious right), and so many people I meet either write as well, want to write or are having a bad time at it. Now those of you who may have followed my blog and Facebook Author page last year might remember me doing a similar thing, called by the same name. I had so many people comment or message me telling me that my tips helped them in some way, they were having writers block and needed a pick me up or they hadn’t ever actually put pen to paper yet but had after reading my tips because it made them feel that they could do it… I find as an Indie Author we all need to help each other out a little. When I first came onto the Indie scene nearly two years ago I found that so many other Indie Authors wanted to help each other out, people would swap blog posts (e.g Author spotlights to showcase their work), swap reviews, (Not being overly critical to one another) and letting others take part in their events online e.g Cover reveals and release events. But I have noticed that in that two year span not many people want to help each other out any more, every author is in it for themselves, they want the help to boost their own work but are not willing to give the help back in return. Some of my tips over the course of the next 30 days will hopefully help show you what good things to do and what not to do, things that I have learnt that have helped and things that are a no go zone that I learnt the hard way and would like to pass on so you don’t make the same mistakes as me. Now you ask me, you were all about helping others and people helping out in return… Yes… I would like something in return and that is if any of my posts help you over the next few weeks share it… because it might help someone else who doesn’t see my blog or know me.

So here goes… Tip number One!!!!

  1. Just do it – So you have an idea in your head, its been there for a while, you dream about it, you think about it and you have no clue what to do with it. My advice to you would be, just take the leap, write it all down into what will become your first draft. Now your thinking ‘Oh god my spellings awful, I have no idea how to use grammar, will there be plot holes, it isn’t good enough’, just ignore all those unnecessary thoughts and focus, because all those small minor setbacks can be fixed later on in your 2nd and 3rd draft. Yes I’m afraid writing is not all that easy, its not an over night success story it takes time, a lot of time and dedication to the craft. Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t need an English degree or any of that, if you have an idea just write it all down. My first drafts are always scruffy scribblings on paper. I love notebooks I have hundreds of them and the prettier they are the better, the more likely I am to continue with that story but they are all full of scruffy first drafts, drawings, research, planning, world building, everything I think I might need for that story I collect in my notebook. Once you have that idea down and not just floating in your mind where things might get lost you can then focus on the second draft. Sounds scary doesn’t it… But it isn’t, I promise.


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