30 days of writing tips… 2017 … Tip No 2 …


Hi everyone 😉 So today is the day for tip number 2 from me… How did you get on with yesterdays tip? Have you written that special idea down? Yes you have yay go you keep up the good work!!!! And for those of you that haven’t why not?? Remember in life you have to try things, I never want to wake up when I’m an old wrinkly and think ‘Why did I not just try it?’ What have you got to lose? If you make it in the writing world then that is just… WOW!! But if you don’t at least you can look back and think well I tried, I’ve done something on my bucket list, my family and friends can all remember me by what I’ve done in life. So go on… Just do it!!!

So tip Number 2… Character Building…

2. Character building is essential for making characters that readers can relate to and feel a connection with. Most of the books I have read that I love might not necessarily be due to a brilliant storyline although that really does help but because I fall in love with the characters in the storyline. Now one way I do this is by creating my characters outside of the written world I’m making. One great thing I mentioned last year was people watching, that can be a huge help watching the world go by and the people in it, you can see how people react to certain drama’s and ways of life, how to they move, their laughs, their sadness… All of these things will engrain in your mind and help you to describe characters better. Now another top tip so you don’t look like a raving loon is to do it so you don’t make people feel uncomfortable… I people watch when I’m in the car stuck in traffic on the school run, I’m kind of hidden but people might think I’m just keeping an eye out on the road or that I’m just bored of being stuck in traffic. On the school run I will see other parents and workers rushing past all trying to get to their designated places, you’ll get the ones that walk slow, no cares or worries in the world, then you’ll get the mad rushers who think they are running late but will always get to where they need to go on time, then you will get the real running late’rs who see their train pull up in the station and will run like their life depends on it, like a beast is chasing them through the village I live in… Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t… I try to imagine both scenarios for them, why where they running late? What were they running from? What will happen now they’ve missed their train? All these made up small imaginary stories will help build up your mind for creating bigger ones. Another way I build up my characters is to see them for how I imagine them (A real thing to see), I love magazines, glue and scissors (Must be the creative flair inside me), I will always find people in magazines that I feel look like and represent one of my characters, I will then stick their picture in my designated notebook for that story and alongside it I will normally do a character bio, E.G. Mira from Junia, I found a girl who I thought looked like her, stuck it in my notebook, wrote about her and then finally … I drew her. I find drawing my characters also helps me connect with them, I can make small personal changes to them which the person from the magazine doesn’t have, E.G. different eye colour, clothing, hair style etc all of that I can change. Lastly another way I connect with my character is to talk to them, (No I’m not mental) Haha (Maybe a little) But this does help, I have small conversations with them, get to know them, hear their voice. To me it helps make them real and with that hopefully in my books I can make them seem more realistic to the reader. So why not try it, build up one or all of your characters and see what you find 😉 Sometimes I even think my characters make better friends than real people haha but you also need the interaction with real people to be able to write about real people. Good luck.


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