30 days of writing tips… 2017… Tip No 3…


Hello everyone 😉 Happy Wednesday to you all. Have you been building up your characters? Has it helped at all? Have you enjoyed doing it? I do hope so 😉 So what words of inspiration could I give you today? ‘If you believe in magic you will find it, for magic keeps the worlds we create alive and authors are witches and wizards just with a pen and ink not a wand and broom stick’… Meh maybe that will inspire you or you will all think I’m just a crazy lady.

So today my 3rd tip is all about … World Building…

3. Yesterday we built up our characters, so today I’m going to tell and show you how I build up a world for my story’s. Firstly it all depends on what type of genre your going for, if its set in the real world (Earth) then hopefully that wouldn’t be too hard for you. There are so many resources of information we can use to find out things and build up our stories with. For example when I was writing ‘The Keeper of the Key’ I knew Selene would have to travel all around the world to find different temples and gems for her special key but the downside for me that although I have been on holidays to say Norway, France and Spain, I have never actually been to most of the countries I mentioned in my book. See a lot of authors will tell you, ‘You can’t write a book on a place if you haven’t been there’, well I don’t think that’s true. For you see we live in the time of internet and Google Earth and the wonder that is Google itself, type in special magical words and Ta-Da we have pictures, information and inspiration all at our finger tips. When I was researching gates to hell (Just because these things need to be found) I was pointed by Google in the right direction to a place in Turkey. It showed me images, maps and stories by the locals about how this certain place was believed to be the gateway to hell due to the noxious gases that killed wildlife near it. I also found that the special spa’s that are pure white resided not too far ish…Ish away from it which came in handy when I needed to heal a character after visiting the gate to hell. If your genre is set in a world you have entirely made up then you might need a little more imagination to give it a push. For my book ‘Junia’ I had to create my own world because I wanted it to be made of elements and magic, I wanted it to be eerie, beautiful and magical. First step was I found a few other maps that authors had included in their own books, one I really used for inspiration was one in my ‘LegoEleves’ notebook which I actually wrote the first draft of Junia in. Yes it may be aimed at children but it gave me the idea I needed. So using my inspiration I then drew my own world, I knew I wanted five/ six magical elements to my story so I needed at least six countries and what better way to do that than to draw a pentacle star, section off the points leaving five countries in each point and one larger country in the middle. Then I just had to add the detail, e.g which element resided where, how would it look, what type of people would be able to live in those climates? I am also a fan of the Sharpie pen and using those I coloured in my world. I do have to add though that because I am such a visionary person which means I have to see things to help my mind create images of its own I also use video games to help me envision my worlds. For example ‘Final Fantasy X is a huge game that I love, the made up world of Spira is beautiful and mesmerising and it gave me some vision for the world of Junia. The video game ‘The Last of Us’ which I know I have mentioned loads of times before always helps me envision an empty world we live in and helps me get in the mood to write my ‘Alone’ series. All these things are stimuli to our human brains. Now I’m in no way saying copy these games or anything because you don’t want to be sued for copyright so it is always best to create your own but these things can all help you, they did for me. So go on give it a go, explore the world we live in or try to make your own. Good luck.


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