30 days of writing tips… tip no 4… Research…

Yesterday was world building, today is about research and to be honest both pretty much come hand in hand with each other. To make and to build things research is essential to make sure you are doing it right so it won’t fall or fail.

Tip number 4… Research…

  • Research can be done in all sorts of ways but it all depends on the topic you need to find things out about. Say for example you are writing a crime novel but you are not so knowledgeable on certain parts of the law then you may want to consider talking to someone who does. That could be emailing someone within the law community like your local police station, of course remember they are busy people so might not reply right away or they might not have time to reply at all but most people now a days are friendly and I have known authors to use their local police force as a source of information. Another way would be to visit your local library and take out books related to law, you will be surprised what you can find out by reading. (Lol as if you didn’t know that). I recently had to do research for my last ‘Alone’ horror book in its series, I wanted my characters to have to go on a long journey and that takes a lot of planning. I had to study maps on Google to see where certain places were located and how long it takes to get there by car, train and by foot. As a writer you have a duty to give the reader a sense of realism with your books and making journeys to be as timely correct as possible is best. I also featured a certain landmark in my story too, I had to find out things about it, E.G. service routes, how long it takes to travel through it ETC. It all takes research. Another reason to do research is not just for Non-Fiction but Fiction works too. Creating a book from just a few grains of an idea and building a world from it takes some research but so does writing a book that is about true events and about true people. As research for those things it might entail interviewing people to get the right facts. Along with getting true facts you must also watch out for things that might get you sued, doing your homework about that will help keep you out of court. Slander, copyright and other laws are tricky and are best to just leave well alone.


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