30 days of writing tips… tip no 5… mood boards…

So today I’m going to tell you about tip no 5 which is about mood boards. This is something I have only started doing recently, I saw it done on another blog one which I cannot remember the name of, I also remember my art teacher mentioning doing one before I sat my art exams. (I think I did do one but I cant remember what it was like haha). Apparently it gets your artistic juices flowing before you start and it helps when you need to imagine what it is you need to see. It helps by giving you specific images you relate to something, somewhere and your story. So with mine I collected together all my old magazines and went through and selected all the images that made me think of my current work in progress. Then I stuck them all down like a collage. 

Because my current WIP is my final zombie horror book in my Alone series I selected these images which remind me of all things zombie. Some of the images are from my favourite game ‘The last of us’ which is the game which inspired my Alone books. There is blood, a girl who is a survivor, snow because the last book will feature snow and mountainous landscapes, big monsters like from the one in ‘Resident Evil 3’ because in this one I want to bring focus back to the big bad monsters that make you cry.

Here is the next one I’m making to show off different landscapes not just snow and mountains. All of these images help me get in the zone for thinking, seeing and writing my books. Another good thing to do is to make one for each character, each place / country they visit, different or the same colours to draw you in, night time and day time pictures because things look different in the day than they do the night and its always handy to have things to remind you and show you that so you can describe things more truthfully.

Why don’t you try and make a mood board and see how it helps you.


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