30 days of writing tips… tip no 6… music or silence…

When I write I hate distractions, distractions to me are little background noises that get under my skin, they draw my attention away from my imagination, away from my own little world and back into reality. The television for me is a big no no, I will have the intention to write but if the television is on I will end up watching whats on instead of writing. If my washing machine or tumble dryer are on the monotonous tone from them both will drive me insane. But for me I have found that music helps (with my head phones connected to the laptop so no other noise can be heard to distract me). Now it can’t just be any music, oh no… for each book I write I have to have a different and specific playlist. For example with Alone and Lone I listened to Sia’s 1000 forms of fear and The last of us soundtrack. For The keeper of the key it was Lorde’s pure heroine, yet for Junia it was Sia’s This is acting album and Final Fantasy X’s Soundtrack. For me each book has a different feel and tone to it so each playlist must have a specific feel and tone to it. Now I know not everyone likes to listen to music, some prefer pure silence (which in my house is hard to come by) or I even know someone who likes listening to the sound of rain and plays that over headphones. 

Why not try creating a playlist for your story… See if it helps you get in the groove for writing. I remember seeing an image somewhere on the internet that parts of the brain light up and become active on scans when music is played. I believe music opens up your creative eye and lets you see things you couldn’t normally see or imagine.


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