30 days of writing tips… tip no 7… 1st draft, 2nd draft and 3rd draft…

Writing is a hard game to get into not just physically with actual writing but mentally with thinking of the whole story. Its also hard because there are so many authors and writers out there now flooding the market with their book babies. To make your book the best it can be you need to work it to the max to make it GREAT!!! To work it I myself always tend to do three drafts of my book.

1st draft – To me this is the draft where you get a pen and paper or your laptop and write. It is going to have spelling mistakes, errors, plotholes, characters that are not needed and will disappear or that are infact needed and broader scopes given to them within the story. It’s going to be scruffy and sometimes aweful but that’s where the second draft comes in.

2nd draft – This one is where I rewrite the whole story I have produced. I may change the timeline, move chapters around, expand on character backgrounds or relationships. Fill in plotholes, improve my spelling and grammar and make it come to life.

3rd draft – I open a new word document and copy and paste everything I think needs to stay because you will need to cut things that are repeated or uneeded. I re-read the whole story and again add in anything I feel needs to be said, fill in any last details and make sure it make sense. This draft is normally my first edit too but I will talk about editing another day.

3 to me is the magic number, I feel good about my book when it has reached the third draft. Not all authors do this though, some write it all in one draft and edit as they go along, others will write many more drafts than me… but as long as you keep writing you will find the magic amount of drafts for you that will work.


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