30 days of writing tips… tip 8… believe …

There is one thing that can stop a budding writer in their tracks…Self doubt! 

BUT there are many other obstacles along the way that all writers must overcome from procrastination and distractions from social media, television and other books we all wish to read. Writers block and the constant fight to defeat it. Meeting up with people from the outside world…yes we must keep up appearances so people know that we are still alive in our studies of doom. The one thing I think all writers need to learn and hold on to is self belief. To succeed in writing you need to believe in your writing, you need to believe that people will want to read it, that people will enjoy it and that it will one day get somewhere. I learnt this the hard way, I am one of those people who always self doubts myself and my work but as I have learnt over the two years since I self published my first book that if I don’t believe then people pick up on that and don’t believe. I have also read a lot of self published books that in my opinion are… good and bad… and then I read mine and think ‘actually that’s not as bad as I think, actually its damn good’… the other authors of the ‘bad’ and ‘good’ work believe in themselves and push their work out there and get somewhere. So now I believe that my work is good and it is slowly getting out there more because I believe and push it more and my belief rubs off on others. So my tip for today is believe in your writing and never give up. 🙂 


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