30 days of writing tips… tip no 9… Edit, edit, edit!!!

Editing is no easy feat but its something every writer and author has to do, it becomes part of the whole writing process whether you like it or not. 

Yes there is the whole ‘when‘ you feel your work is highly polished you can hire an editor to go through and edit your editing but it is always best to make sure you have edited it to your best ability. 

Now at the moment I’m in no financial state to pay for someone to edit my work, some people charge around £300 for the type of length book I write and I have so many ideas I would end up bankrupt with all the editing I would need. I know that for saying this that I will get slammed and shammed for it but only I edit my own work. Yes there will be mistakes that I have missed that someone else would have picked up but I have my reasons. An author I met sent her work to a so called accredited editor, she paid around £300 to have her whole book edited. She checked out this editor before using and all the reviews and credentials seemed on point. So she sent it off and waited and waited and waited… the editor then stopped all communications. As her genre was fairly ‘unchaotic‘ in the means that there aren’t hundreds published everyday in that genre she decided to investigate and found that this so called editor had stolen her book and published it as her own. Amazon were quick to unpublish the book and wipe the fake authors account when the real author could prove the work was hers. Luckily she emailed all her work to herself after each edit or time she wrote so she had evidence to show it was hers and with notebooks, drawings and usb sticks it all helped prove it. Turns out after some digging that this editor had done it a few times before under different names. Now… I know you might think not all editors are the same, not all will rip you off like that and I know that… most will be honest and good at their job but to me I would rather protect my work my own way and do it all myself. Yes my work may have a few mistakes but they are mine, they are mistakes I made, it is all my work. And I have met authors that have paid an editor and or are editors themselves and their books still have mistakes in (I’ve read them) but to me they don’t detect from the story. We are after all only human. I feel as long as the story is good a few mistakes unless your a grammar nazi won’t put readers off. I mean look at 50 shades 🙂 

I’m not telling you that loads of mistakes are cool, that’s not my point but my point is to edit your work over and over until it reads freely and flows. Edit and edit until you feel it is truly polished. If you have the funds to get an editor then great, if not don’t be beaten!!! There are also some great courses out there with local writers groups that will help teach you to edit better. 

So keep up the editing and you will make a great author / editor…


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