30 days of writing tips… tip no 10… connect…

You are working your butt off getting your book baby written, you have built up the characters, the world, done your research, made mood boards, listened to your playlist, written drafts 1,2 and 3, edited like a mad person, believed in yourself and now you want to start getting ready to get it out there… you need to start making connections.

Now I’m not necessarily talking about connections with big book companies (Although if you could and did that would be a bonus) I’m talking about connections with other writers and authors. There is a whole world of people out there just like you writing books and each and every one of them will have different experiences and advice from the book world.

A great place to start is to join a local book or writers group. There you can meet a whole host of people who can lend a hand maybe listening to a bit of a work in progress you are unsure about, they can give advice on how to edit and critique your own work but for the group to be fair you must be prepared to help out in return. I loved the writers group I was at but due to personal problems I couldn’t go as much as I wanted but I made some great friends, got some great advice and even managed to attend a book festival they were holding.

Another way to join book or writers groups if you really don’t want to or can’t venture out is to join one’s online. Social media is a great hub for budding writers and there are hundreds of groups out there you can join. I have made many friends with authors over seas that normally I would never have had the chance to meet. You can gain access to review circles for when your book is publisbed, gain access to other authors release events and learn how to host your own, find editors and proofreaders (but please remember my edit post and be super careful if thats the path you wish to choose), you can find people that have plans and maps to help you write more and daily… the possibilities are endless when interacting with other like minded people but and a big but you will have to grow a tough skin… some, no most authors are opinionated snobs that will tell you what they are really thinking (I mean they can fight with words can’t they 🙂 probably better than in person). 

All these new connections with other authors and writers will help. One big thing now a days in the writing community is that we all need to help each other. Writers and authors are underpaid, not recognised for great work and have huge competition with other writers but… it doesn’t hurt to help one another. Someone else’s success is never your failure and there will always be time for you to shine. And by making connections shining will come easier.


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