30 days of writing tips… tip no 13… Notes and other ideas…

I once heard a saying that you aren’t a true writer / author until you have a million ideas / wips all at one time. The whole point in a person being a writer is to constantly have ideas to show and tell the world. The more ideas you have, the merrier!!!

At the moment I currently have eight ideas on the go. I tend to work on maybe two or three ideas at a time and flit between them. I do this as I find it stops my brain from getting board and letting writers block in. I fully encourage the idea of writing any ideas that pop up as you go because to me these ideas could be masterpieces themselves and to not write them down or remember them would be criminal. Yes you want to finish the one your working on but a few days break from your current one just to write out the idea and plan it will help you in the long run, especially when you go back to visit that piece and its all laid out for you, you just have to fill in the blanks and write it.

To keep ideas fresh and alive I always carry a notebook and a pen with me where ever I go becasue you never know when an idea might strike you. Sometimes I’m out with the kids and I have an idea, I might not have time to write it down so I bullet point a few notes to jog my memory later. And if I don’t happen to have my notebook on me then I will bullet point in a text message or email and send it to myself, that way I hope not to forget it. 

Notebooks I think are the cause of great stories and are the filing cabinets to writers minds. I love notebooks and when I write a new story and have a new notebook just for that one I become heavily attached to them. When I wrote Junia I loved just picking up my notebook and looking at it and seeing all the notes I made. I think in a way it stems from my love of  Charmed the television series from my teen years. They had a book of shadows which was beautiful and held all their notes on witch craft. I think I see my notebooks as small ‘books of shadows‘ in the sense that it holds all my ideas to my craft (writing) and that I can make them look pretty if I want. I have also found the more I become attached to the notebook the more I am likely to finish writing a story. If I have no feeling for a notebook the more likely I am to place that story on the back burner for a while.

So my tip is keep a notebook handy and never dismiss an idea, even if your busy with another one. You might regret not keeping it!!!


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