30 days of writing tips… tip no 15… writers block…

Just the thought of writers block is enough to make you…

Writers block is annoying, its the devil in the work of all writers, its like the wall runners hit and have to fight to get through. But when it hits me I have a few things I do which help me which might also help you guys too.

  • I read – Sometimes if I’m feeling all written out I just like to sit back with a good book and read. It’s usually better if its a book in the same genre I’m writing in. Reading helps give me the imagination boost I need to continue with my own book and reading is relaxing and helps relieve stress I’m feeling.
  • Rearrange my room – If my home or workspace where I write is feeling a little overcrowded or cluttered I find having a rearrange with furniture, books or my hundreds of notebooks helps clear my mind enough to write again. A clear workspace makes for a clear mind.
  • Take a break – Writers block might hit becasue I’ve been concentrating too hard on my current novel. Taking a day or two away from it gives my mind a rest and let’s it recuperate ready for a new round of writing a few days later. 
  • Drawing – I’ve always loved drawing and quite often if I’m stressed drawing helps me forget it if only for a while. If I draw my characters and scenes from the book they are in and the journey they go on, it reboots my imagination back into their world and normally I can start writing again.
  • Playing my favourite video game – I tend to have video games that I love playing that help me get in the mindset and zone for a book. It’s like a visual aid for me, all the scenery, certain characters and the storyline all help get my mind focused. So I quite often do this when I cannot write, much to my hubbys annoyance when he wants to watch tv. 🙂
  • Keeping a diary – I have since January kept a daily diary, more than anything to keep me writing everyday even if it is just a few words or sentances. Plus you never know what you might see or hear that might be a good trigger for getting you writing and looking back over a day or weeks events night help restore your writing ability.

Why not try a few and see if they help?? You might be able to beat the dreaded writers block once and for all!!!


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