30 days of writing tips… tip no 16… Read…

‘To write you must read and to read helps your imagination come alive’.

The old saying is to be a better writer you must be prepared to read… or something like that. Obviously the reason I wanted to write books was because of my love of reading, I would spend hours as a child and a teen reading books, hanging out in libraries and bookstores. I wasn’t like most teens going out partying, my idea of a party was a day out in a book shop, book shopping and filling my already full book cases 🙂 But I do truly belive to write you must read. Why? Because books not only open your mind and imagination but you can also learn new vocabulary from them, different ways to work a characters point of view, different styles to write in and also find your perfect genre. I love writing in fantasy and horror but my reading range is much broader although obviously horror and fantasy are the ones I sway towards. But even reading different genres to what I write helps me, say if I read a romance novel it might help me to work out how to do a romantic love scene which can happen in most novels. A thriller might help me make most of a twist I want to make, a crime novel might help if I want to add a criminal dramatic scene and so on. There are endless possibilities when you read. There are a few exceptions though, I do know an author who writes great books but doesn’t read due to dyslexia but he hasn’t let that stop his imagination and with a great editor he’s striding along. 🙂 So my tip is read to write… unless your superhuman!!!!!

Here are a few of my next reads on my list;

The strain – which is also a TV show I love!!!

Tandem – Just because multiples universes are cool!!!!

Credence – Because Martin is my superhuman author friend and I loved his first book Misdirection!!!!


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