30 days of writing tips… tip no 17… Cover Design…

Don’t judge a book by its cover… Silly saying really as people still do!!! 

So you’ve written your book, pretty much all finished, you’ve edited, re-edited and edited again. Well then its time to design your cover. A lot of authors I know pay artists to make covers for them, not only does this give the book a professional look and finish but they are also helping local or unknown artists by helping getting their work out there too. Be prepared though, getting an artist to design a cover is no cheap option and neither should it be, just like writing, creating a picture good enough for a cover takes time and time is money. (If only people saw that for writers too).

If like me your poor there are alternatives, sites like ‘Fiver’ (Not sure if right spelling) normally have groups of artists on there selling their works for… you guessed it… a fiver. But I have never used this way so I cannot guarantee quality or if the work is copyrighted or copied from others, so make sure you do your research first. I myself tend to do my own covers. I done photography as an A-Level and am always taking pictures or making things and taking pictures of them. I tend to use my own photos as the covers or drawings I’ve made. More because I can’t afford a professional cover but also because I like to be in control of my book and how it looks. Amazon also do some simple template designs but with those you tend to find other authors have used them before and your book will end up looking and being confused with another.

Here are my covers as my examples :

Now obviously those tips are mainly for self published authors but if you are planning on going traditional I wouldn’t worry yourself too much because if you get taken on they will help with cover design.


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