30 days of writing tips… tip no 18… Self publish or go traditional???

Traditional v’s Self published – which is the best route to go with??? There are many arguments for both sides and below I will list them all (Because who doesn’t like a good list?)



* A sum of money for a so many book deal.

*Editor assigned to your book.

*Cover will be designed for you.

*Have a big name behind your book.


*Have to adhere by strict deadlines.

*Will be told to make changes to suit needs of publisher.

*Might be like other books to suit market.

*You will have to do some if not all marketing.

Their are many pros and cons to tradional publishing. You have the big name publishing house behind you, maybe a lump sum of royalties to start you off with and more with every book they have requested you write. Once deal is over though there is no guarantee they will keep you on for future books. They help with the editing and cover design process but may cut things out you feel is integral to the story and the cover may be fairly generic to suit the current market and what other books and covers are currently doing well. You will feel an achievement by being taken on by a publishing house. You will have to do some if not most of the marketing for your book to gain sales and get your book read by readers. Most publishers won’t take you on without an agent and they can be just as hard to find.

Self publishing

Pros.                                 Cons.

* Be your own boss.  

*Can chose your own royalty amounts.

*Choose your own cover.     

*Chose what stays in editing process.  

*Do all your own marketing.


*No lump sum.

*Have to work the marketing hard to make sales + money.

*Covers can be expensive to have made by artists.

*Might have unnecessary word counts that explain too much or repeat things. 

*No expert advice.

There are also loads of pros and cons to self publishing. Personally myself I use the self publishing route because I write so much I would be forever chasing agents and publishers and this way I have as much control as I like. I can edit it to my standard and keep in it what I feel is integral to the story but I can be too focused on my story and could end up using too many words but its my story to hey. Design my own covers, I take photos and use them or I draw them, but if you can’t or don’t draw or take photos getting a cover designed can be expensive. Can charge what I like for my books, choose my own royalty payments but it takes a hell of a lot of work to get that far to getting payments. Great sense of achievement too because your book is still published and in print just like a traditionally published book. Basically all of this means being your own boss.
They both have good and bad points and its all down to money, personal experiences and how you dream of your books being. I personally love being self published because of the freedom I have but wouldn’t sniff at the chance of being with a publishing house if they wanted me. (Haha yeah right).

What way will you chose?



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