30 days of writing tips… tip no 19… Order Proof Copies…

This one is aimed more at those who decide to go with self publishing, simply because that’s the route I have experience with and to be honest I have no idea if it will be the same for those who traditionally publish. 

I myself use Amazon’s sister company ‘CreateSpace’ to do my publishing with. The site and company I have personally found is easy to use and are quick to help with any queries. They have a easy to follow step by step guide which also has hints that you can click on and the best bit… It can all be used for FREE!!!! You can pay for special services they offer such as editing, cover design etc but if your pretty savvy and self sufficient with cover design and self editing then it can be free. Which is how I have done all of mine… the only thing you do pay for is the actual paperback copies that you order to sell or give to friends but thats pretty obvious. And they normally let you order copies cheaper than if someone else orders them and the proof copies are cheaper too. I highly recommend ordering proof copies just to make sure the book looks and feels exactly how you want and expect, its always good to check the layout, page margins, print, cover quality and pixels (you don’t want a pixelated cover). 

There was one book I didn’t order a proof copy with because I had a book festival to go to that I wanted to sell them at (and that book actually did do quite well) but when the copies came I noticed a spelling mistake on the back cover… I was mortified…but even so that book sold really well. I have since redone the cover so there are NO MISTAKES!!!! But now I always make sure that I finish a book with plenty of time to order proof copies for any events I’m doing. 

Here are my own book examples, top picture was without ordering a proof copy and had mistakes, bottom picture is better after ordering proof copy.

So today’s tip – Always order proof copies to check your work!!!!


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