30 days of writing tips… tip no 20… Promoting your book…

One thing all authors must do whether they are self published or tradionally published is to promote their books. A common thought ‘mistake‘ made by people and authors is that if you are traditionally publisbed by a big publishing house that they will do all the marketing for you… That is not always true. Some / most (from what I have heard and read from other authors) is that you as the author will have to do most if not all the promoting e.g. arranged signing days, attending author or book events etc. 

As I have been in this whole book and author game for around two years now I have learnt different ways that authors use to promote their works and one of the best and cheapest ways is social media. Social media to businesses big or small is a godsend but can also be a curse as it takes up a lot of time, time which you will feel could be used writing or making things towards your books like covers and drawings. But as a godsend it can get your work out there to a wider audience but it takes time, patience and sometimes money. 

Facebook is a great tool and one I personally use the most, I’m always trying to attend other authors Facebook book events where they might offer takeover slots for half an hour to an hour to showcase your work to their audience or you can host your own, invite friends and showcase your own and others works. This takes some preparation as you will need things to reel readers in like giveaways, colourful images with pictures of your books or with snippets of the book, games, Q and A’s, music you like to listen too and much more. And to help get it out there to an even wider audience you can pay for an ad on facebook. Now paying out seems mean when your a skint author trying to make it but even a few spare pennies to create a small add might get a few more eyes interested in your book, which is what you want. 

(Below is an example of some of the posts I make up for author events)

Twitter I have heard from others is another great platform to advertise your work on and gain followers but I don’t tend to use it much. To me it hasn’t got the same flare to it that I love about Facebook but there are people and books out there that can teach you more about promoting on Twitter. Another great way is a blog… I mean if I have your attention I must be doing something a little bit right and if I’m lucky you might have read one of my books… if not why not??? Lol!!! But all these things help to promote 🙂 Promise.

Now I did mention time, something that annoys us all because we want it all now!!! But believe me when I say authors need patience and patience is a virtue for sure 🙂 It has taken me nearly two years of blogging to gain steady traffic to my site and even then there are days when I cry because only a few people view it. It has taken me around two years to gain 500+ followers on my facebook author page. Now…there will be people telling you they can get you so many followers for X amount of money… This is mostly a lie… they might gain you a few, maybe even hundreds… yippee right??? Wrong… those will not be true followers and eventually facebook will take away those followers who haven’t bothered to sign onto Facebook or look at your page, they will also not be true followers or fans of your work and will never read or respect your books. To me it is best to wait for real people to follow your page, blog and person because they will be the ones you can truly reach out to.

Now below is my link for my next online Facebook event, my ‘Indie author appreciation party’ for indie authors and readers to celebrate books together. Why not join in with it on the 19th June 2017 to see some great authors works or if you are an author why not book a slot or donate something to the prize fund???


Good luck.


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