Grandad Gordon…

Ballbags, archibald asshole son… Tomb raider, racing games… house on the beach and crazy house parties are all things I associate with my late grandad Gordon. Can’t belive it has been a whole year since you were taken and I know you are truly missed by so many, but don’t worry because the Laughtons still throw awesome parties and party in your honour. I also remember your funny, silly jokes, your hilarous sense of humour and your crazy antics at the Laughton manor. The weird red carpet in the funny house, the old caravan type things that was housed with all the strange out houses that led onto your own personal beach and had a playstation and laurel and hardy on tap. The bonfires that almost blew the house apart and the discos in the living room. Watching space type films like ‘The one’ with Jet li with parallel universes that inspired you so much and all your love for all things space. All these memories keep you alive and I know the family have so many more. So soar with the stars and look down on the Laughtons for tonight they look up to you for your twinkle, sparkle and laughter. Xxxx

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