30 days of writing tips… tip 21… bad writing days…

We all have them, that dreaded day when you are so geared to write but only a few dribbled words come out, a measly word count of a hundred or so. You had grand visions of loads of writing planned but someone stole your time, gave you a better offer or the chores just simply couldn’t be ignored anymore. It’s not exactly a writers block but life in general getting in the way and reminding you, you need to do other things to stay alive and stay human.

Just remember days like this are fine, they happen and there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow you may wake up and write thousands of words and make a real dent in the word count you wish to give that book.

I have loads of those days where I think right today is my writing day… then it just doesn’t happen. But sometimes its a good thing because nornally the next day I’m busting with so many ideas and all flows out like word vomit and quite often it’s pretty good stuff, the stuff that makes the final edit. If you are having a bad writing day, don’t force it… there is always tomorrow 🙂 


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