30 days of writing tips… tip no 23… Tell people your occupation…

I have struggled with this for some time, actually telling people that I am a writer and author. I guess it was down to the reactions of some so called friends I used to hang around with… They would love to tell me what job they do, who looks after their kids, how much they’re earning blah blah blah and when they would ask what I would do… I would say full time mummy and author. Their replies would often be… oh but that’s not a real job, its a hobby, oh anyone can do that but it takes brains and patience to do what I do, you don’t work 9-5 like me. 

And well actually my job is 24/7, looking after my kids is a full time job and I chose to have them so I don’t want to palm them off all the time, I want to teach them things and make memories with them to cherish (not that I’m bashing the mummys who do work and parent its just how I like my home to be). And writing is also like 24/7, I might not write all that time but my brain is always thinking, ideas come to me at random times, in the bath, the car, the shops and in my dreams, all those ideas take energy to muster up and remember. Then there’s the writing it all down, editing it, making it the best it can be and that isn’t easy with kids running under your toes. I might not earn loads from it but I have a feeling one day I will, maybe not to a JK Rowling status but enough for us. 

Now I have learnt to deal with ‘me’ being an author, I know it is a ‘work’ and I do it. I have great friends and people around me now who don’t snub me for it and my hubby has always been my rock for encouraging me too. Today was a new leaf for me in terms of admitting it, I was in my local Tesco and one of the checkout assistants said ‘no kids today’ I replied with the no at school and nursery, to then they said ‘oh so back to work for you soon then’. It made me think for a moment before I answered, ‘No I work from home, I’m an author’. The response was great ‘Oh that’s so cool, lucky you’. And that was it, no awkwardness, no thats not a proper job… just ok, they accepted it as a job. 

My tip for today is don’t be embarrassed by being a writer and or an author. Feel proud of what you can do with your imagination that not everyone else can do. It takes a certain person to have the talent to write.


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