30 days of writing tips… tip no 24… Author Platform…

What is an author platform I hear you ask…Well it’s basically your social media presence, where you can connet with potiential readers. 

Social media is a great tool which I have said many a time, its great to use to connect with people but also potential readers and customers, its free unless you plan on using paid ads, its easy once you get the hang of it and most actually mix and intertwine together, eg post to many at one time. Below are all the examples I can think of, the ones I use and why and the ones I don’t and why;

  • Facebook – The most used app on my phone and laptop. Not only do I use this for personal and family use but I also have an Author Page which is where I post all my authory things in the hope that I don’t post too much book stuff and annoy my friends and family on my actual family page. I post updates about my work in progresses, about my already released books, competitions, release day events, sharing other authors pages that I’m a fan or avid reader of. Facebook is brilliant for me and so easy to use. There is also the option to boost business posts by paying but I have yet to try it. 
  • Twitter – Not my most favourite app but I’m gradually using it more. My blog automatically posts tweets to my Twitter account and I do get some retweets but I am a bit pants at looking through and retweeting others. I just can’t get through all the muddle of posts. On Facebook it seems to have more order for me. (Sorry guys if you do retweet me and I don’t, I just don’t get it).
  • Blog – WordPress – A blog is a brilliant way of getting your author name and products out there to readers. You can write about your books, writing methods, tips (hehe like this one), places you go, days out, holidays, things that happen in your life (I’ve said it before people need to know your human and not a selling robot to want to buy from you). A blog can be an everyday thing like mine or a few days a week or once a week but its best to keep it with a select pattern either like everyday at around 8pm or on a Tuesday at 12pm…which ever suits you and your blog.
  • Instgram – now I have an instgram account but rarely use it. I just love Facebook too much to have time for something else lol. But I have heard of people building up a fanbase by the pictures they take. Now don’t get me wrong I love taking pictures but I’m not the best at the whole selfie thing, I do one every now and then but not daily…geeze that would stress me out.
  • Pinterest – I have one but again don’t really use it and if I’m honest I thought it was more about sharing creative ideas than trying to sell…But I could just be wrong and stuck in the Facebook stoneage.
  • Goodreads – As an author you must at least know about goodreads if you don’t use it. I don’t tend to use it much, I just don’t have the time with family, kids, writing…if I spent all my time on social media I would never write and the social media I do use, I use a lot. Goodreads is a community for authors and readers to come together…just a general book loving site. You can make reading lists, ask authors questions, host or enter giveaways, this works better for some than others, all depends on how much time you can give it.
  • LinkedIn – Another one I signed up to but don’t use. Basically from what I can gather its a hub of somesort to show what skills you have and maybe find potential emplyers or employees. Might be worth ago if you plan on working for a company not just being an author.
  • Amazon author page – A good one for authors who use amazon like me as their main base to sell from. Good to keep it updated. You can also follow other authors from there.

There are probably many more out there that I don’t know if yet but these are the main ones I know and the main few I use. Its so important to grow an online presence so people can find you and your books but remember… do not put personal details on it for people to see for example; home address, passwords, bank details, kids names and schools, place of work, family addresses etc. All pretty much associated with common sense but it is so easy to post something and not think anything about it or how it could Impact your life. Now I do mention my family and kids and use photos but never of my kids faces. To me thats just a no no… but to show a little lets people see how your life is, who you really are as a person. I do know bloggers who have their kids faces on their blogs and that is up to them on how much that wish to show but I prefer to not. 

So how about you get building that author platform, and start reeling in readers but remember gaining followers and likes takes time… its not easy starting out but stay strong and keep at it and you will one day succeed.


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