30 days of writing tips… tip no 25… back up your work…

Might seem like a no brainer the tip for today but you’d be surprised how many times I have heard authors and writers complaining about how they have lost all their work, sometimes years worth of writing, gone… in an instant!!!

Just pushing the save as button on your pc is not enough, things happen to computers… believe me when I tell you this. I wrote a story on my husbands old laptop, then clever me spilt apple juice on it. Took it to be repaired to be told apple juice was the worst thing I could have spilt, its acidic and ate into all the electrical components making it un-repairable and just like that…my work was gone. I know it didn’t take me long to rewrite once we had a new computer but if I had backed up my work in more than one way I could have saved myself the hassle of a rewrite.

The best ways I have found are;

  1. Usb sticks – Easy to come by, not too expensive to buy and can save you saying goodbye!!! Plug it in the computer and save a copy of your work onto it and bam… work backed up and duplicated. Then you can put said work on to new computer if ever needed. 
  2. Email – When ever I have finished my days work of writing I always email myself a copy of my work and date it. That way if I lose the usb stick or the computer dies I can always download it from my email. I also do this because if anyone steals your work and you need to prove its yours you have extra evidence with emails to prove it. I also keep my old notebooks just for that reason. 
  3. Print it off – I know this takes a lot of ink and paper but I print off a copy of my whole book. Mostly for the editing process but I also keep it once done because then if I lost everything I have a paper copy and could rewrite easier than trying to do it all from memory. 
    Hopfully with these three steps you will never lose your work again!!!! There are other ways which I haven’t used before so I cannot really comment or advise on but if you have used them I would love to know your experiences… e.g. The Cloud????


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