30 days of writing tips… tip no 26… Reviews…

The good, the bad and the downright ugly…

Reviews, the one thing all authors scream about and hassel their readers for. (Please review my book, I’m on my knees crying and begging you, it only takes a minute of your time).

Example of my reviews for my book Junia. A mixed batch of people’s views.x.

So why do we ask for reviews so much? Because they all help the sales of our books. A lot of people now a days will not buy something especially a book without checking the reviews first and if a book doesn’t have any people presume it isn’t worth buying or reading. We live in a society of; If they have read it and liked it, it must be safe to read.

The good!

Now when I published my book Junia I was psyched by the brilliant gleaming 5 star review which made me sooooo happy, in fact I was over the moon. They described the elements they liked about it, what it reminded them of and who their favourite character was. But reviews don’t have to be in great detail to be good. Someone can simply write ‘great book loved it’ to be enough. Even something that small can help. 

The bad!

Then came the bad… Just empty space… the bad is… no one else reviewing it. It became simply lost and forgotten in the void that is the book world. This makes us all feel glum, down hearted and sad. You think why hasn’t anyone else reviewed it? I made it free to download for x amount of days and 300 People downloaded it but only one reviewed it. Is my writing that bad? Is it boring? Is no one seeing it? Which is another point why we want them, if your book receives so many reviews then Amazon will place it in their newsletters sometimes and show people when they purchase things that they might like this or other people have brought this. It slowly gets a little more exposure free of charge but Amazon has to think your book is worth their time to get them money too.

The ugly

Then comes the one review all authors dread. The one where the grammar nazi arrives, who picks your book apart page for page. Tells you exactly why they don’t like it and that no one should read it. Sometimes trolls who support other authors go along and purposely leave bad reviews on books similar to the genre of the author they are ‘in fan love with’. But sometimes you have to accept that people just don’t like it. They don’t like your writing style, your writing voice or the one or two mistakes that might be in there. You cannot please everyone and you shouldn’t try to. 

Example of my reviews for The keeper of the key. Again a mixed batch.

My tip today is be prepared for reviews that are great and reviews that are bad and ugly that will make you question why you write. But never give up. Because one day you will make it and the people you didn’t please won’t even count or enter your mind.


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