30 days of writing tips… tip no 28… Signing events…

So you’ve written the book, published or self published it, used social media to self promote but now you want something a little more… face to face with readers.

So you start planning a signing event, to do one there will be certain things you will need to make it successful;

  • Books – This one is pretty obvious, people will come to a signing event expecting to be able to buy a copy of the book the author is selling. To turn up without any or enough would not be a good thing, it would make it an epic fail. So the main thing to take is BOOKS!!! 
  • Business cards – Why would I need business cards? Well because in a way you are a small business. You are trying to sell and promote your work. On the business card you could put your email address, blog site, Facebook author page, Twitter link… all of those can keep you and your readers connected. Plus you never know who you might meet, you could meet a publisher who would love your work so keeping some handy is a must. 
  • Posters / singage – Posters and large signs attract the eye of your audience and readers. Especially if you are holding the event in a busy place e.g. a book store. The signs will tell people where you are but also can show off the cover of your book. 
  • Swag – What is swag? These are things to give your readers to keep them happy, things they can show off to their friends, ‘Hey get down here this author is giving away cool stuff!’ It can be anything from bookmarks, keyrings, pens, pictures you have made or had made for the book, bags etc… all things with your books picture, title and identity on it, so when they use the things from the swag bundle people will see it and hopefully try to find out what it is and get more people buying into your books. 
  • Pens – Another pretty important one because to sign the books you will need a pen. And maybe take a few, you don’t want to run out of ink halfway through and not be able to sign anymore… embarrassing!!! 
  • Small change – People are going to be buying the books from you and they are not always going to have the exact amount of money you are charging for them. Take some small change with you so you can give customers change but don’t forget to add up how much you have taken so at the end of the day you can see how much you have made. 
  • Drink and food – Especially a good idea if you are going to be there for a while or if its a hot day. You don’t want to be feeling lethargic, hungry or thirsty and become a hangry monster and scare off all potential readers. 

These are just a few tips for the big day but you can always add more to make your day extra special 🙂 


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