30 days of writing tips… tip no 29… Celebrate…

Writing a book and releasing it is a huge accomplishment in life. You will of course get people who will put you down, telling you writing isn’t a ‘real’ job and then you will get others that think writing a whole book is amazing and imaginative. Whatever the reaction you get from people and readers you should celebrate what you have done. That can be done in many ways, celebrate by going out for a nice meal with your family and friends (I mean come on who needs an excuse to go out? Just do it) Celebrate by buying yourself a new book to read because its nice to chill out and relax after completing a whole book, buy yourself a drink (Mine is a bottle of red) and sit and watch a film. I even sometimes celebrate by starting to write a new book, sometimes it might be the next in the series to that one or it might be a brand new story. I find that the high of finishing a book gives me the oomph to write another one. Its a bit like doing exercise and feeling that happy hormone fill your body after, it makes you want to carry on and do it again.

Get friends together, invite them into your home to party, I did this last week by having a Bodyshop party, it wasn’t necessarily the main reason I invited them round and it wasn’t about me telling them about my books but it was a night to let my hair down, to drink and to not write. So go ahead a celebrate… You deserve it. 😉

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