30 days of writing tips… tip no 30… Dreams… And a recap of all the tips ;-)

So today is the last day of my 30 days of writing tips, there have been a couple of days when a different blog post has appeared because they were important dates or days other authors had asked me to post for them but we have made it… 30 days…

Today is my last tip which is – Dreams – Record all the dreams you have. Now I’m not talking about the dreams as in life goals, I’m talking about the dreams you have when you sleep. I’ve had many dreams that have been so good or too scary to ignore and they have become parts of my books if not a whole book in their self. Dreams are magical, its your brain experiencing something that you are not forcing it to have, its your natural imagination working, your third eye as some call it showing you something and when I have them and think wow that scared me I will write it down and record it because you really never know when it might come in handy in a book. My current work in progress is actually from a scary dream I had a few weeks ago, it scared me so much I just knew I had to write it down and make it into something. Yes it is another Zombie story I mean come on I am the Zombie Queen after all but it is slightly different, a bit close to home and I believe could happen (Hope not) but its realistic I think. I will update more though when I am nearly finished as I don’t want to give too much away.

So we made it to day 30! Here is a recap of all the tips, hope they have helped you;

  1. Just do it… Just write! Any idea is a good idea, you just have to write and expand on it.
  2. Character building… Make those characters realistic and so the reader can connect to them.
  3. World building… Build that world that your characters will live in, will they thrive or will they fail?
  4. Research… To make your story believable its best to research things you don’t understand, plus you learn something new in the process.
  5. Mood Boards… These are great for helping you to imagine your characters or worlds, they always help me get into the zone of my story.
  6. Music or silence… Find the best way to make your brain relax and get ready for writing. Everyone is different and needs different things to focus.
  7. 1st draft, 2nd draft and 3rd draft… Keep writing and tidy it up as you go along, each draft will get better until you find the final story.
  8. Believe… To write you must believe in yourself and take no notice of what others might say putting you down.
  9. Edit, edit, edit… Keep editing until your book is supremely polished enough for print.
  10. Connect… Locally with writers at a group or college or online in social media writing groups, you might make new friends and learn new things.
  11. Copyright… Make sure you protect your work but also don’t copy someone else’s, not without the right permissions.
  12. Rest… Us writers all need our beauty sleep and days off too, we don’t want to burn out and let that dreaded writers block in.
  13. Notes and other ideas… Keep all your ideas and notes, they may come in handy for other stories you might write.
  14. Author interviews… Helping others by interviewing them helps you and find others that will interview you. Getting your name out there is a must.
  15. Writers Block… The awful monster that is writers block, defeat it and move on. Keep writing no matter what.
  16. Read… To keep your imagination going on full steam ahead reading is a must. Reading opens new doors and new ideas.
  17. Cover Design… Don’t judge a book by its cover, but people do. Make sure yours stands out and draws readers in.
  18. Self publish or Traditional… Which one to choose and why?
  19. Order Proof copies… You want your book to be the best so order a proof to check it, especially before you push the big PUBLISH button.
  20. Promoting your book… People need to see your book to buy and read it so self promotion is a must.
  21. Bad writing days… We all have them but never fear for tomorrow is almost here!
  22. Libraries… Don’t forget that the British Libraries will want copies of your books for free so be prepared to buy some and send them off.
  23. Tell people your occupation… Don’t be ashamed to call yourself a writer / author. It is an occupation just like any other job, it takes skill and hard work.
  24. Author Platform… Get your name out there and noticed but you will need to build your author platform first and get people following you.
  25. Back up your work… Save it, save it again and again. No one wants to loose work they have been working so hard on.
  26. Reviews… The good, the bad and the ugly, they all happen and just take them on the chin, don’t worry you will learn to grow that thick iron skin.
  27. Pen names… To have one or not, that is the questions?
  28. Signing events… What to take to make this date with readers the best it can be. Be prepared and have fun.
  29. Celebrate… Party and celebrate that book, you’ve earned it!
  30. Dreams… Record all dreams they may come in handy when you least expect it.

I hope all my tips helped you in some way with your writing. Good Luck.


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