My top ten T.V shows…

Bit of a random one but as I was hunting through my Dvd shelves I noticed that I love a good television series. And I also noticed that they are not all the same type, they are all a little different, I have a broad range that I will watch. So I thought I would blog about them, just because πŸ™‚ plus you might look through and find a new one that you might like to watch, as I’m always seeing posts from people about what new or old shows to watch that people recommend.

So here goes;

  1. The Walking Dead – Of course this has to be my top television show, I mean how can it not be? I’m the Zombie Queen πŸ™‚ For those of you who haven’t seen it (and why ever not?) It’s about Rick Grimes and a group of survivors who are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It shows the struggles of living side by side with zombies but also what lenghts humans would go to, to survive. Gore filled with disturning scenes and horror but a brilliant show and all based on a comic book!!! (P.S thanks to my friend Jess for first lending me the Dvd so I got hooked, its all your fault). 
  2. Fear The Walking Dead – A sister television show to The Walking Dead. Shows the start of the outbreak and follows Madison and her family as they are taken through their paces to survive in this new infected world. Not as good as The Walking Dead but I still have to watch it incase it ever reveals why the infection happened or if they ever crossover with Rick and crew. 
  3. Sailor Moon – My favourite kids cartoon which is actually a Japanese anime based on the manga comics. I love the whole heroine that is Serena as she is a clumsy, cry baby who is sworn by the moon to protect the world with her sailor scouts, sailor venus, sailor mercury, sailor mars, sailor Jupiter, sailor Neptune, sailor Uranus, sailor Pluto, sailor saturn and sailor mini moon. Fighting evil by moon light, winning love by day light. If you love some childish humour and cartoon fun this could be for you. Ps it has magic powers. 
  4. Some mother’s do have em – Oh Betty!!!!! This old show is hilarious and follows the misgivings of Frank and Betty Spencer and their crazy life due to the silly antics of Frank. He is dopy, dim but incredibly funny. If you want a show to make you laugh and feel better if your having a down day then this is a good fix. 
  5. The Strain – A new show that me and the hubby have started watching on Now TV. It follows Dr Ephraim Goodweather as he discovers a dead plane, everyone inside it dead bar four survivors but as he and his CDC work mate and lover Nora find out that they are not survivors at all but carriers of a deadly zombie / vampire virus. They have a race against time to stop the deadly vampire master from infecting the whole country and eventually the world. Based on the books which I am currently reading!!! 
  6. Charmed – I loved charmed as a teenager and I would watch it religiously every week, then I bought the Dvds and then the books!!! Charmed is a magical tv show about three sisters Prue, Phoebe and Piper who find out they are witches but not just any witches the most powerful good witches, the charmed ones. As the seasons go on there is a tragedy but out of it comes a long lost half sister Paige who completes the power of three again. It has magic, mayhem and mischeif and is by far one of my all-time favourites. 
  7. Walking with Dinosaurs – A brilliant documentary series which looks and feels real, like the tv crew actually went back in time to film dinosaurs living. My nan taped the whole series for me when I was a kid on video, but as I got older dvds emerged and videos became redundant, so when I found the dvd boxset in a shop I was over the moon and had to get it!!!! 
  8. Gotham – The beginning of how Batman became who he was in the films. Shows the villains and how they became to be. A brilliant show and my hubby certainly likes this one being a Batman fan πŸ™‚ I personally like Fish Moony. Ps thanks to my mum who brought the series for him one birthday πŸ™‚ 
  9. Being Human – A ghost, a werewolf and a vampire all living together under one roof. What could possibly go wrong? If you like paranormal and a good story line script this is great. Follow Annie the ghost as she finds out who killed her and why and then in later seasons why she never moved on, because she was meant for greater things. Mitchell the vampire who has many a past problem chasing him and the eventual rise of vampires trying to take over and George the werewolf who struggles with who he really is until he finds love but might it all end in tragedy for the trio? Loved this series and the three books they made for it. 
  10.  Grand Designs – I dont have a picture for this one but me and my hubby have always loved watching this programme together. When we first got together all those years ago we would sit there for hours chatting and watching Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs, we would always dream of one day owning our own home and building one, although that dream has never materialised we have each other and our babies which we wouldn’t change the world for πŸ™‚ 


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