Harry Potter food find!!!!

It probably comes as no real surprise that I love the Harry Potter books and films, they were a part of my childhood and teenage years, I grew up as Harry Potter grew up with each passing year. What was a surprise to me though was finding Harry Potter food items at a local attraction I takes my kids to, to play and explore. It was at Paradise Park in Newhaven that I found the famous Chocolate frog and Bertie Botts flavoured beans.

I was so excited!!! And quickly told hubby he had to let me get them and he did…

The chocolate frog was small but yummy with crunchy rice crispy bits inside and it also came with a card!! Pamona Sprout!!! The card was cool and since then I have gone back to try and collect more, I now have Snape too 🙂

But soon came the horror of trying Bertie Botts flavoured beans… eek… Omg… this was such a bad idea lol.

Vomit, earwax, rotten egg and earthworm were utterly disgusting and I never wish to experience those again. Candy floss, tuttifruiti, lemon and soap were lovely. Funny thing is how the flavours actually taste like how they are meant to, soap tastes like soap, rotten egg like rotten egg and earwax like well you guessed it earwax. These are brilliant and disgusting all in one and would highly recommend getting them even just to trick your friends with lol.


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