All the fun at the fair :-)

So the other day we ventured out with great nanny, we were meant to be going for a nice chilled out day during half term at our local miniature railway but what we ended up doing was going to the fair that had come to town instead. This was because there was really bad traffic going towards the miniature railway and after much debating in the car in the line of traffic we decided that our time would be much better spent at the park… Then we arrived at the park to find the fair had arrived!!! Double whammy!!! It was a nice surprise and change of plan because our youngest had never been to one and our eldest was too young to remember it. We took them on most of the kids rides, let them have hours on the really expensive bouncy castles, let them have ice cream and lollies as it was scorching and then treated them to a few lucky dips where they actually got some nice bits… not to mention the one mummy really wanted which was the Sailor Moon gift set!!!! Omg!!!!! How did they know we were moonies? Sailor moon fans in the UK are far and few between so it was totally amazeballs to find a gift set.

But the day was fun, a success, so now I will treat you all to the usual photos and stuff lol. 


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