Current WIP!!!

So I guess lately I have been a little quiet on my book front, I’ve had a whole month dedicated to writing tips, I’ve whipped in a few promotional posts for other indie authors and a few days out and events with the famalam… So I guess it’s time to update you with my current Work In Progress. I don’t expect this one to be out for a while, maybe a few months if my brain keeps up with this one and I pull my finger out for editing which normally takes me a while but I am enjoying writing it.

Now as most of you know I am the Zombie Queen, ‘The Walking Mumbie’ and well I suppose you might have guessed this new WIP is another zombie like novel but with a reality that could be true (I hope it never happens) but it could… Which makes it all the more scarier.

So this new novel is going to include, Train crashes, Volcanic eruptions, a zombie virus (Which I won’t explain too much about as it would give the novel away and I don’t want any idea stealers taking my idea because I think it is brill and even my husband thinks so, so I must be on to a winner lol) and a family with issues. Now I know it sounds like a normal zombie film, television show or novel but I promise its not, it is different in the way I have portrayed it and the way the virus happens and maybe just maybe, there is no hope at all for the world.

Now the family make this book and the other characters they meet, all of them play a big part and have their own voice in their own chapters. Normally I write my books in first person with one main character because I found it the easiest way for me to write but this one has thrown me, it has so many voices in it that I had to do it in third person. Each person has to speak to make the story move along, if it followed just one person things wouldn’t add up or make sense, it needs the extra vocal cords.

The Family members…And other characters…

Pippa – She is the mother and is trying to get to her children but is stopped by events that are unforeseen to any of them. She is a little unstable in her mind-set and does things without thinking and without looking at the consequences for her and others around her. Although the way she acts in the start looks wrong and could land her in jail for many reasons it is also the act that helps the many in the long run. She has a turbulent relationship with her teenage daughter and says things she doesn’t really mean but craves the attention from it, which is what she accuses her daughter of doing. StockSnap_6H9WSBBO6O.jpgNed – Pippa’s husband and rock, he has stood by her in the many strange and bad decisions she has made in life. He is a pretty laid back kind of guy but takes his children’s happiness and safety with a sledgehammer if necessary, he does everything he can for his kids, even if it means distancing himself from his wife which comes evident in the book. StockSnap_1EXY3N5GRK.jpgAlicia – The teenage daughter of Ned and Pippa, she is rebellious, smart and will do anything to save her younger brother Daniel, even if it means doing something you can never come back from, that will haunt a soul forever. She is in a rather up and down relationship with her on / off boyfriend Glenn but after watching her parents relationship she thinks it is the norm and settles for the attention Glenn gives her but also the fight to keep him. StockSnap_3UNGV3L3GQ.jpgDaniel – Alicia’s little brother and Ned and Pippa’s youngest child. He is spoilt by Pippa and gets all her undivided attention but he has a big heart and loves both Alicia and Ned very much and sometimes feels smothered by his mother. StockSnap_1DGBV5MXU7.jpgGlenn – Alicia’s boyfriend. Comes to Alicia’s aid to prove himself after their latest bust-up, his heart is normally in the right place but gets easily swayed by things especially when drunk. He has a ruthless side which shows when the infection hits and can be hot headed but as his love for Alicia grows, so does his protectiveness of her. StockSnap_XL8N3FXQDX.jpgRosetta – A doctor working for the Public Health (The UK’s version of the CDC), she is sent to investigate the infection and meets Pippa on her journey. Pippa’s actions bring them closer and move their journeys and stories on but also means death for someone. Rosetta is a very clever woman and gets frustrated easily by people not as clever as her. StockSnap_FMH7480K4D.jpgFinch – A doctor who works alongside Rosetta, he is brave and a little odd in his ways but only wants to help people. Studies the infection with Rosetta and travels with Pippa and the others to their home until it is safe to leave. StockSnap_CXIK3C9TLV.jpgAs the story is progressing there are more characters appearing but as I have not felt they are major as of yet I haven’t added them here, but when it’s finished it could be a books filled with many lives all effected by the events of the natural world!!!!!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for anymore info I post about it 😉

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