The one thing a blogger needs is images, they help portray what it is the blogger is trying to get across but also gives the reader visual stimulation. Now I have come across a GEM in the blogger world, a site that lets you use their stock images for FREE!!! And they are ok to use as you wish. The one problem bloggers get is using images without permission and breaking copy-right laws and sometimes getting sued by the people or company the images belong to. Now most claim the best thing to do is to take your own pictures and use them but sometimes your images (Or at least mine) don’t always look great or make the cut, you want something that looks professional. So after struggling for ages I came across a website called which is a site you can download stock photos for free from. And all photos are governed and released under CC0 which is Creative Commons 0 and this is what many call the water into wine of all the free images available because it means they can be used anywhere, for any reason as long as not for illegal purposes. Which is brilliant because it takes away all the hassle of trying to figure out all the time whether you need to provide credit to the artist or not. Now I know it sounds mean because all ‘Us’ artists want credit for our work but many artists find using this way for free gets their work out there. It’s a bit like when I give my books away for free, it gets my work into more people’s hands then it would just being online for sale and no one buying it because they don’t know my name yet. Yes in an ideal world I would like to make money from selling my books but to make a name for oneself sacrifices are needed and free things given out to gain readers and followers. So if you have a blog I highly recommend the photo’s on this site as they are great and with a whole mixture and variety you can’t go wrong. 🙂

A good thing to remember when using images from online is whether it is Free or Free to use? Don’t understand, no I didn’t at first either so it’s good to use these points when using sites and images and to be aware that there are different levels of free.

  • CC0 – which I stated above is the best, it means it’s all free, free to use anywhere, for any reason just not for illegal purposes.
  • Royalty Free- This means that once a license fee is paid the image can be used many times without incurring any additional fees. So you may need to pay to use that image. So royalty free doesn’t necessarily mean FREE.
  • Free- Non Commercial – So for this one it means you can download it for free but only if you are not using it for commercial reasons, such as if your site makes money from advertising then the image is being used commercially which isn’t allowed.
  • Free- with attribution – This means you can download the image for free but on your site / webpage you must name the website or image creator if you use it.

So be savvy with images and make sure you understand which ones are free and which ones are FREE!!!!!


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