Ten problems you face being a writer…

Every job, career and hobby all have problems that you must overcome but what are they for writers? These are my top ten problems that I have faced since becoming an author.

  1. Not enough hours in the day / night – When you get your muse to write it can feel like there is never enough time. I mainly write when my kids are at school and nursery but some days its only for the morning and those few hours pass by in a heartbeat. As soon as you start typing you feel like you have to stop. And its not just time to write, I have to squeeze in housework, chores, paying bills and all that into those few hours of peace.
  2. Writers block – Most people have heard of this one. The invisible wall you hit when your muse takes annual leave and when you try to write nothing comes. Can last hours or months maybe even years but eventually is does fizzle out.
  3. Self doubt – I’m so guilty of this, when I tell people I write I will down play my work so it doesn’t sound as good. Maybe due to my low self esteem but its not good. To be a writer you must be proud of what you write and show that you are proud. If you believe in your work then so will others. This I am slowly getting better at.
  4. It’s been done before – People will tell you not to bother writing a story becasue its been done before and in many ways stories have been told before, many times but it shouldn’t stop you because its all about how you deliver the story that makes it individual to you.
  5. Money – Cash flow is a problem for everyone not just writers but it does hinder how much a writer can push their work out there. There are so many costs that authors come across i.e. sending free copies to the main libraries, editing, cover design, advertising, promotion and giveaways. They all cost money and money is what makes money. Sigh!!!
  6. Being social or a hermit – This one is difficult because you want to spend time writing but also you want to see people so you don’t end up lonely. You have to find the right balance for this, which is harder said than done.
  7. Weight gain – The most obese job going or at least it is for me. You sit writing most of the day and when your brain energy runs low you need food but due to sitting back down and writing its only your fingers that burn off the calories. And finding time to exercise is hard because you feel you should be writing.
  8. Other jobs – Most writers have other jobs which are their main income source and it can be hard to find time to write when you have been at work all day and are tired when you get home.
  9. Getting reviews – I hate reviews, they are the bane of my writing life. Readers use them to see if they wanna buy a book but don’t ever give them out!!! Even when you do giveaways and freebies no one reviews your books, yet this is how an author gets known. So if you get a book, review it you will be doing the author a massive favour.
  10. Told your boring – My poor hubby, sits alone sometimes when I’m writing and wants to interact but when I’m in the zone it doesn’t happen. And I have been told that makes me boring to be with sometimes but he loves me anyway haha ain’t he a lucky fella lol.

So there you have it, my top ten writer problems. Are yours the same as mine??? 


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