Things school doesn’t teach you but you should know about life…

When I was a teenager at school I thought growing up and making a life of my own was going to be sooooo easy, I thought I would be free to do great things, I thought earning money and surviving would be easy but LIFE is not easy and well, I think school should have prepared you for that instead of sugar coating it. Then maybe just maybe when things happen it wouldn’t shock you so much and get you down.

Here are 10 things I think school should have taught you somehow, or maybe if I could go back in time I would tell myself.

  1. Your parents or careers paid your bills, cooked your dinners, brought your food and clothes and done the washing and cleaning. When you arrive into adulthood that all changes, it is all now down to you. I think at schools you should be taught money management, e.g. how to pay bills and not get into unnecessary debt. When you reach a certain age you are a magnet for credit cards and deals but if schools taught life skills maybe there wouldn’t be so much debt. 
  2. If you think that teacher at school had it in for you wait until you have to work for a boss. Bosses have businesses to run and money to make, you muck that up and they will be gunning for you. 
  3. A job is a job nowadays and will keep your head just above water. I remember when kids at school laughed about people working in burger places like it was the lowest of the low but now I see them working in them. It is not low or beneath you to work there, it is a wage and a job and should be treated with just as much respect as any other job. 
  4. Life is not fair so you better get used to it. Things in life will happen and they will be totally out of your control, and they will either make or break you. 
  5. The world expects you to do something great before you are allowed to feel good about yourself. Whether that is getting a big paid job with promotions, married with children, become famous or do something memorable. If you don’t you tend to fall into the background and depression sets in because you feel low. Take every small thing you do as an achievement and blessing, live life to the fullest. 
  6. Earning mega money will probably never happen, you will earn a minimal wage and just survive and that is the norm. 
  7. Try not to fix what isn’t broken but learn other skills to help fix things when they are broken. DIY skills, sewing, knitting and practical skills all help in life and are not taught to kids who will need to use it. 
  8. T.v is not real, people’s lives on their are protrayed as great and interesting to reel viewers in. In real life you don’t spend hours in the pub, coffee shop, gym… but you will spend hours working your fingers to the bone. 
  9. Be nice to the geeks you like to make fun of, they will most probably be the ones you end up working for, buy something made by one or be saved by one as a surgeon or doctor. 
  10. People are not going to be interested in you, your life goals, helping you to achieve them, unless of course it helps them someway. People use people, they always have and always will. 

If schools taught you these things then life wouldn’t be such a shock to many.


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