How can you call that a book????


So the other day I received an email from a fellow author, I won’t disclose their name because I don’t feel naming and shaming is right although I did speak to them about it and once they read my blog they are sure to know who it is I am talking about but I was soooooooo annoyed I couldn’t not expel my anger in some way and the best way for me is to write it down.

So yes this fellow author emailed me and asked me very politely;

“Hello MercedesPruntyAuthor, Hope you don’t mind me calling you that as that’s what you are showing yourself as. But I have started to read your blog and author page lately on Facebook and have seen that you quite often do author interviews for other Indie Authors and was wondering if I send you a free copy of my book (Which is normally priced at $2.99) if you would read it, review it and interview me. Many thanks Blah blah”

Well as the book was free and I always need new content to put on my blog, I wasn’t going to turn it down. So I replied with a yes and waited for them to send me the book, which they did swiftly in about 3.5 seconds after I agreed. So I opened the book on my kindle app on my phone to find… A Book that was 14 pages long… 14 PAGES LONG!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong a writer is a writer no matter how long the content is they write, magazine columnists are writers yet write one or two pages, people write flash fiction and put it into anthologies or make episodes on their blog of the stories… I could go on but what annoyed me was that this person was calling this a book, a novel and were setting the price for it at $2.99. Now my annoyance is that I spend around a year or so writing a 300-400 page book, over 100,000 words or more, hours and weeks of editing and then I post mine into the world and charge £2.99 for it. If I had written something of the 14 page standard I would price it at free – 0.99p or I would save all my short stories and put them into one big book. I then went to check out the reviews on this ‘Book’ and saw that my annoyance with it wasn’t alone, many people had posted about how ripped off they felt by paying out that money for a short, short, short story, one even classed it as more of a pamphlet than a novel. And it wasn’t just that, I asked the author how long it took them to write their books, just to see if it was worth doing an interview anyway, then I was greeted with this;

“I write my books in a few weeks, I don’t know why people moan all the time about how long it takes them to write a book because its so easy. I write it, edit it and post it out, done. Why does it takes others years to write? Because they faff around about it, beat around the bush. My books are what books should be”.

This made me annoyed even more, my books take as long as they do to write because I have to map and plan them all out, I then do a first proper draft and then 2/ 3 more until perfected, then I edit and edit again then publish. If I did it within a few weeks mine would be a mess and not make sense or it would like this authors be a few pages long. Now I know many people think a book is as long as the writer wants it to be but to charge that much for a small book when others who have huge volumes charge the same is beyond me. I also asked this author another question, about my blog, what they liked about it? And they came back with an answer that wasn’t truly relevant to my blog or my question, which made me think hell to it, I’m going to vent my rage out on here because the likely hood of them really looking at it is Zero! This author is clearly one of those that is out to try and make a quick buck, one who wants the get rich quick scheme but I can’t see it working for them, not now the reviews are so harsh.


Ok rant over and sorry for venting but when I try so hard to make a good solid book and then someone else thinks that they can write rubbish basically and make out other authors are rubbish for taking their time and then flooding the author world with it makes my blood boil. Especially now that Amazon and other platforms allow you to Self-Publish which is a brilliant thing. And yes this authors work was bad, I thought my editing was a little off key sometimes but this was in a league all in its own.



6 thoughts on “How can you call that a book????

    1. I won’t disclose the same as I don’t think I should name and shame although if they read this they might be ashamed.
      And don’t get me wrong short stories are great just like big books but I think this particular authors attitude to us authors who write larger novels that take a longer time to write annoyed me the most and made their writing a whole lot worse than it could have been lol. Attitude speaks volumes too.x. 🙂 thanks for the comment 🙂

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      1. In a month or so I am releasing an anthology of short stories, probably only 6 so it’ll be a short book (around 50 pages). At the moment the stories are only available on Patreon but would it be something you’d be interested in reviewing if I sent you one of the stories nearer the time? If not no worries, just thought I’d ask. The more exposure the better!

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