Author Interview with Lyman Rate…

Here is my author interview with the brilliant Lyman Rate… Please give him a warm welcome and enjoy his words.

Question 1: Thanks for taking part in my author interview and for pausing your precious writing time. First of all why not introduce yourself a little, where are you from?

Glad to be here and able to answer your questions. I’m from Kansas born and raised, but moved around a bit before finally coming back to my roots. I am married currently and while I don’t have any physical kids other than my 13 year old, we have to furbabies we spoil!

Question 2: Have you always been a keen writer? Why do you write? Has writing been something you always wanted to do or when you were younger did you imagine you would end up doing something else?

I’ve enjoyed writing and while I wouldn’t say I was a keen writer, I have found the writing bug like many others. I wasn’t a big writer when in school and it was a few years ago my wife (girlfriend at the time) challenged me to see if I could write a book. The rest is history.

Question 3: I see you have a book out called ‘Jaguar book one’, which is a military fiction novel. Can you tell us a little bit about it? Is it a stand-alone book or will it be part of a series?

Operation: Jaguar is about a man named Jayson who wants to get some R&R in the mountains, but doesn’t expect to run into the President’s Daughter. Sasha is trying to ditch her Secret Service detail so she can live a somewhat normal life for a change and hides in the mountains. A fire at her cabin brings Jayson to her rescue, but also at the same time the Secret Service find her. They think he kidnapped her and they arrest him, only to sort it out. Then he gets kidnapped and they find out he used to be part of a military unit called Ghost One.

It’s an action packed – drama and intense filled book that has had readers reading it all in one day or wishing they had more time to finish it.

It is currently a series and the first two books are available on Amazon. The other book is Code of Deceit.

Question 4: Have you written any other stories? Are they published?

I started a fantasy series and it is currently under contract with a publisher. It is stated to be published later this year. That will have seven books in that series and the series’ title is “War of A Thousand Years”

Question 5: What genre do you prefer to write in and why? And do you prefer to write in first or third person?

I’m not partial to any particular genre. Currently, I have started a military fiction and a fantasy series. I have ideas for a Science Fiction book, Romance, Dark Horror, and a children’s book. As for first or third, I prefer third. I have never been strong with first person, but I would be willing to learn.

Question 6: What is your favourite book that you have ever read? And has that made a big impact on how you write?

I have so many books that I have enjoyed over the time, to pick just one would be an injustice to the others. However, since you asked, I would say “The Iliad and the Odyssey is one of my all times. The way it is told, the story and the action speaks to me. I wouldn’t say it had a huge impact on my writing, but subliminally, it probably has and I just am not admitting it.

Question 7: What advice would you give to any budding authors out there?

Don’t be afraid to write, don’t be afraid to try and never give in to peer pressure. You will find people who will do what they can to dissuade you from writing. They will do what they can to knock you down. It’s not their place to do that. Use their objections to fuel you and keep writing.

Question 8: Do you stick to a strict writing schedule or do you just write if and when possible? Do you have a designated writing place? Do you have any weird or wonderful writing rituals that you have to do?

I try to write an hour in the morning if I can and if not, I move that hour to the evening. My designated writing area is my office which is where I also work every day, so I don’t have to go very far. I wouldn’t say that I have anything weird or wonderful I do regarding writing rituals, other than crank up some music and get to creating words.

Question 9:  How long does it normally take for you to write a book from start to finish including editing?

That’s a hard question because everything is so subjective. My first book, Operation: Jaguar took me 34 days to write from start to finish. The editing however took almost a year. Second book took me 26 days to write, editing about another year. The first book of the fantasy series took me 48 days to write and I’ve done the first round of edits. It’s with the publisher’s editor right now and they have a pretty quick turnaround time, so it all goes well, it could be less than 180 days for editing.

Question 10: Do you listen to music whilst you write?  

Oh absolutely! I listen to anything that helps motivate me to write. Techno music, movie scores and soundtracks, game soundtracks, anything really. It really depends on the scene I’m writing what music I put on.

Question 11: Who is your favourite character and why? Have they made an impact on your life or how you write?

Another hard question as most of my characters I like. Yet, if I had to pick one from my current series I’m writing, it would be Cai. She is just hard-headed, a fireball of a person who doesn’t like waiting for anyone or anything. I almost laugh when I write her stuff because I can just imagine her in real life.

Question 12: And Finally is there anything you would like to add?

If you write a word, add another word and another and keep going you’ll end up with a sentence. Take that sentence and add it to another sentence until you find you have a paragraph, and that paragraph with others makes a page, a chapter, and suddenly a book. That’s how writing begins. That’s how the great authors started out. If they can, you can too.

If you wish to check out his books here are the links.

And here is his Facebook author page why not show him some love and like the page to keep up to date with his works.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Lyman Rate.



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