Look the part to be the part…

Writing, the one career you think people wouldn’t care about your image, I mean your stuck behind a computer all day writing, your not out with people all day everyday right??? Wrong!!!!

Just because we write for a living doesn’t mean we aren’t just like everyone else. Yes we could get up, have our breakfast, stay in our pjs and write but that doesn’t always bring out our best writing, oh no! I find looking my best or how I would look going out to meet people or going to a different job brings out my best writing. If I feel and look professional it hopefully shows in my work. Working from home can make people too relaxed, make your writing too relaxed but if you don’t want that to reflect in your work then try looking the part. Get dressed, get your hair and nails done, buy some new work clothes. I think this can also help against writers block, if you are feeling great and raring to go then you will write, if you are feeling pants, grubby and lazy you won’t want to write to your best ability.

I am also a mother to two beautiful babies so I’m up everyday for the school run and I guess the old hairdresser in me is still there, (not everyday mind you, I do have my frumpy days like everyone else) but I won’t leave the house without my hair and makeup done. It makes me feel better and more confident, so once I have dropped them off to school I can come home and feel good enough to write.

So if your feeling blue like you don’t wanna write, try pampering yourself or just getting dressed and looking the part. You never know, it might work for you too.:-)


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